This woman is overall very interesting and perceptive.  There are however a number of things she gets wrong. While all of creation or the all, ultimately comes from God, the material universe does not come from God directly, or it would be perfect and good – just like God. We know this to be true, by recognizing a law identified by Christ: a good tree can only bear good fruit, and a bad tree can only bear bad fruit. Hence given the imperfect nature of our world, God could not have directly created this world – he must have influenced its creation by imperfect beings. The above is underscored by the following scripture:

Ephesians 6

12 For our struggle is not against human opponents, but against rulers, authorities, cosmic powers in the darkness around us, and evil spiritual forces in the heavenly realm.

Also, often when we pray, our prayers are accomplished through the influence of people.

Now the most important thing a Christian is required to do, is practice having faith in God. Among other things, this is what keeps him/her directly connected to God, and hence perfection. A Christian draws his spiritual power from God, and only God.

A Christian therefore exists, by first and foremost ensuring he has and practices faith in God. From this, all godly manifestations, and experiences ensue. E.g. this is where he gets his righteousness, love, wisdom, perceptiveness, spiritual powers, etc. Now a Christian’s ego becomes one with God’s, and as a result, continues to exist, but becomes reined in, as it pursues its interests and God’s – where the two become united. (This is why a Christian is not haughty.) A Christian will show love to the people and creatures of this world, through the natural prompting of the Spirit of God within him, which is natural and organic. But it is not because he becomes one with the world, or embraces the world. God (and by extension His children) cannot embrace and become one with this world, because this world is imperfect and evil, and good cannot live in harmony with evil. (This is also why the Jewish Messiah cannot establish a kingdom on earth either: a Jewish Messiah (a member of God) would be perfectly good, and a perfectly good being could never establish a kingdom on an imperfect world such as ours. Our world would have to be changed first to become perfect, before a Jewish Messiah could reign on it. This is promised to occur, in the Book of Revelations.)

Whoever you are (a Christian, Jew, new ager, spiritualist, etc.) know this: truth is a form of perfection, and given that only God is perfect, truth can only be obtained from God. Human minds can only see and reveal shades of the truth. Have the mind of Christ, to reliably see the truth! This is only possible, by having real faith in God.

Patmore Douglas 11/1/2023 8:29:00 PM

An important tactic the Left use to erode our rights, is to weaken and make subjective, the meaning of words and events. The Left then use cultural pressures, to push people to make decisions in directions they want. For example, rape and sexual assault, were objective acts, reasonable people could agree took place. Now rape and abuse have been morphed into events, which are determined to have taken place, per the subjective view of women. Objectivity has been subsumed in the legal system, and the views of men have become irrelevant.

The Left do the same thing with transgenderism. Instead of courts objectively examining various situations and determining that a man in a dress, is ultimately a man, and should therefore not be allowed in women's sports, the Left push the courts to examine the man's subjective view, and make decisions based on his view. This is discriminatory, because only the view of the party the Left want examined, gets examined: the views of others do not get examined as well, which is a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Legislatures should pass laws (better still, constitutional amendments) requiring courts to examine cases based only on objective facts. The sentencing portions of cases can be influenced by victims’ and others’ views.

Patmore Douglas 10/15/2023 11:09:00 AM

Many people don't realize that Genesis 1 is many things. One of the things it is, is an allegory describing what we all should be - (children of) God who create things. Genesis 1 also indicates how we should go about creating things: we should call them into being. The above is consistent with Christ’s instructions on how we should have faith:

Mark 11

22 Have faith in God," Jesus answered.
23 "I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.
24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

So we can create things by calling them into being (while believing what we command will come to pass), or we can ask God for things (while also believing what we ask for will come into being).

The above singular act (having faith in God), is what transforms a man/woman into (a child of) God. It is what: saves him; gives him righteousness and makes him righteous; subjects him to trials and sacrifice; empowers him; makes him wise; etc. The life of a child of God, is all about practicing having faith, and accomplishing greater and greater things with it. All the transformations, sacrifices, etc. that happen to a  child of God, unfold naturally, as a result of his pursuit of faith – as Christ instructed how it should be done, above.

Patmore Douglas 10/10/2023 7:02:00 PM

Progressivism isn’t progressive. It is a con by the Left, to have society destroy itself. From the pursuit of ‘renewable energy’, which is a thoroughly, non-workable fantasy, meant to coax humanity away from fossil fuels (without which much of mankind will perish); to the coaxing of billions of people to take toxic gene therapy medications, the Left claim were vaccines. (The above never made sense on many levels, and is now likely leading to unprecedented levels of excess mortality and disability, in all the countries that broadly consumed them.) The Left are also trying to destroy American and Western societies, by destroying gender roles, and even the notion of gender itself. Our society would collapse if the Left got their way, and Americans and other westerners, must be vigilant to protect natural societal structures, that have worked for humanity since the dawn of civilization.

Patmore Douglas 9/28/2023 7:01:00 PM

So called ‘gender affirming' care, is very similar to handing out needles to drug addicts. Democrats try to sell these things as acts of love, when they are in fact the complete opposite: snares to lure and entrap the afflicted, in their affliction. 'Gender affirming' care, makes no effort to cure the delusional of their delusions; rather it reinforces the mentally ill’s delusions, and ensures those afflicted with gender confusion, become ever more mired in it, and never escape it. Similarly, handing out clean needles to drug addicts does nothing to help addicts overcome their addiction, rather, it removes obstacles for addicts to become ever more mired in their addiction, trapping them hopelessly in their vices.

The above illustrates the Modus Operandi of the Left: the Left point to marginal, near term benefits of their efforts, as they obscure the long term, devastating effects of their actions. The Left do the above in virtually everything they do. E.g., when the Left opine about how they care about the poor, by providing them government assistance, they fail to mention how their actions create a permanent underclass, which continually votes for them, and which gives them continuous political power. The Left also fail to mention how their government programs rupture the nuclear family, resulting in a host of pathologies affecting the poor, such as high incarceration rates of children from poor, broken families, high mental illness rates, low achievement rates, etc. In fact, the Left further exploit those they claim to care about, by insisting they are victims of racism, even though they know full well, that the poor who depend on them, can never improve their situation, because they are entangled in a system that destroys their families – which in turn undermines their ability to achieve, and not be overcome by life’s problems.

The above underscores the Machiavellian nature of the Left. In virtually everything they do, the Left attempt to destroy society, but frame their actions as acts of kindness and nobility. The Left then use their propaganda apparatus of legacy media, educational institutions, Hollywood, the music industry, the advertising industry, and top multinational corporations, etc., to project their false image of being kind, non-stop.

People typically believe the Left are noble and kind: but this happens because they are subject to endless streams of brainwashing, that insist that the Left are in fact noble and kind.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Christian Standard Bible

13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder! For Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is no great surprise if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will be according to their works.

The above scripture aptly describes the Left. The Left’s monopoly control over major areas of persuasion (legacy media, education, etc.) is how they maintain the continuous illusion that they are virtuous. People need to ignore the continuous drone of messaging from the Left (by mainstream media, etc.) and examine the actions of the Left, to see for themselves, that what I say above is true.

Patmore Douglas 7/27/2023 10:11:00 PM

As can be seen in the charts below, the prevalence of autism in U.S. children grew dramatically with the increase in the number of vaccines given to children. The following is an excerpt from this article.

'Numerous studied have been completed in the US and other countries comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated children’s health. The results have been unanimous. Unvaccinated children enjoy far superior health compared to those vaccinated.

Autism is non-existent for those not vaccinated. Rates for other childhood diseases including dyslexia, epilepsy, SIDS, allergies, hyperactivity, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, ADHD, and ear infections were extremely low for those children unvaccinated.'

I believe states should form a coalition, and challenge the FDA vaccine schedule immediately. States should also push for the revokation of immunity vaccine companies enjoy, against being sued for vaccine injuries. Finally, exhaustive studies should be allowed to be conducted on vaccine efficacy vs. harm, by a host of independent organizations.


Patmore Douglas 5/29/2023 10:05:00 PM

I hear many conservatives say, that all we need to do is overwhelm voter fraud, with our own ballot harvesting schemes. The problem is that Democrats don't have a "Let's cheat through ballot harvesting" program; Democrats have a "Let's cheat through whatever means" program. This means if ballot harvesting does not allow them to win, they have many other cards up their sleeves - including manipulating computers on the computer networks used to report election results. What we need is an ongoing crowd sourcing initiative to stop Democrat voter fraud. We need experts in mathematics, statistics, computer programming, data science, forensics, strategies, etc. to come up with solutions that can counter what the Democrats are planning. We need experts and ordinary folks, who can counter the experts on the Left.

A running crowdsourcing program to counter Democrat voter fraud, should be regarded at least as important, as campaigning for elections (if not more) in the upcoming 2024 election season.

Patmore Douglas 5/12/2023 7:37:00 PM

I believe a voting system can be created, that is highly resistant to fraud. The system can be as follows:

  1. Create a voter roll database, and require it by law, to be continually up-to-date.
  2. Every candidate in an election, should be given the right to sue the administrator of the database (under penalty of jail time), with evidence that the database is not up to date.
  3. In the voter roll database, assign a unique identifying alphanumeric code to every voter, during an election. Stated another way, every election, assign a unique identifier to each voter on the voter roll, in the voter roll database. Email each voter’s unique identifier to him/her, after this is done.
  4. Upon the commencement of voting, each candidate should be given a copy of the voter roll database.
  5. When a voter on the voter roll is issued a ballot, ensure the ballot contains the unique identifier for the voter.
  6. When a ballot is counted electronically or by hand, the unique identifier on the ballot, along with the votes on the ballot, must be submitted. A ballot submission without a unique identifier, must never be accepted. Further, a ballot that contains a unique identifier that does not match up with one in the voter roll database, must be automatically rejected.
  7. When a voter’s vote is counted, have the vote automatically posted to one or more public websites (aka publicly available voting results screens). Also, email the voter, how he voted. When a voter’s vote is posted to one or more websites, ensure that the information is easily searchable by voters, and includes the voter’s unique identifier, along with how he voted. (Note: only the voter who owns a unique identifier will be able recognize his unique identifier, and hence how he voted, when his vote is posted to a website. The voter’s privacy will therefore not be compromised.)
  8. The system should automatically reject duplicate votes: i.e. ballots with the same unique identifier.
  9. By law, the official tally of an election, must be consistent with the information posted to an official public website, whose information should be mirrored by many other websites in real time.       
  10. Public and private groups, should have the right to request, and have voting results, mirrored to their websites in real time, where they can be monitored by thousands of people, if not more.
  11. All of the above procedures should be backed up by law.

In the above system, only voters on an up-to-date voter roll, can be issued a ballot, or can vote. In order to vote, a voter will need to have a ballot with a unique identifier, that matches up with a unique identifier in the voter roll database. The above scheme would therefore block the counting of ballots, that have been historically fraudulently created by a variety of means, including via mass produced fake, mail-in ballots.

The above system would email users how they voted, allowing users to confirm to some extent, that their votes were not fraudulently counted. Another important layer of protection, would be the publicly available voting results screens. Users would be able to search for their unique identifiers, to confirm that their votes were properly tallied.

The publicly available voting results screen (which would be mirrored) would be crucial to voting integrity. Thousands of people would be able to see in real time, the tallying of votes – as well as shenanigans that might take place. The tallying process would be completely open to observation, and would allow data scientists from candidates, to conduct analysis of the data. This would undercut the closed tallying process done by Dominion, and other shady companies, where shenanigans can easily take place.

Valid IDs and signatures, can be added layers of security. But even if they are not present, the above system by itself, should dramatically reduce voter fraud, wherever it is attempted.

Note: if a candidate has suspicions about the integrity of an election under the above system, he would be able to do things like encourage his voters to take pictures of their ballots, as proof of how they voted. If discrepancies are then seen between voters’ ballots, and how they voted per the publicly available voting results screen, voters would be able to present pictures of their ballots, as evidence.

I believe the above system should be under the direct control of state legislators. It wouldn’t be a complicated system to implement.

It would be crucial to ensure in the above system, that when ballot information is entered by poll workers or done automatically, the unique identifier for a ballot is universally included – otherwise the ballot is rejected. It would also be important that the display of votes, and their automatic tallying, shown on publicly available voting results screens, be controlled from a single trustworthy place.

As for election integrity in Democrat states, unless the Supreme Court rules that there needs to be adequate security and transparency in an election system, for an election to be regarded as fair, and hence constitutional, it seems the only thing we can do, is upend confidence in Democrat election systems, by continually presenting evidence that they are completely corrupt. If neither of the above things happen, then the 2024 elections will be a waste of time, and the United States will sink into tyranny. It might be possible then, to split the country in two, and save the Red states. Things do not look good.

Patmore Douglas 5/2/2023 10:51:00 PM

The Left have contended for a long time, that Christians’ objections to LGBT behavior, are forms of hate and discrimination. To many, the Left’s claim seems to have merit. However, when you look closely at the consequences of people adopting the LGBT lifestyle, you become appalled at the highly elevated risks of physical and psychological disease adopters face. You then realize that Christians’ objections to LGBT behavior are objectively and morally sound. You also realize, that the Left have been engaging in an effort to whitewash behaviors regarded by civilizations (for millennia) as taboo, for sinister reasons. In my opinion, efforts to promote LGBT behaviors – particularly to our children – is nothing short of an attempt to destroy American and western civilizations from within, through moral degradation, and the widespread promulgation of psychological and physical disease.

Patmore Douglas 4/29/2023 1:24:00 PM

I believe one of the biggest problems with the Federal government, is that veto power is not given to the people whom Federal agencies regulate. This means that rule making bodies like the EPA, should be able to have their rules effectively neutralized, by some kind of means (such as a petition), made by those affected by their rules. (Remember, America is supposed to be the land of the self-governed.) If for example, a regulations making federal agency like the EPA feels strongly about its rules, it should be able to submit its rules to Congress, to pass them as a set of laws. These rules should never be allowed to be packaged into other legislation. They must be stand-alone legislations, so that Congress can clearly scrutinize them, and decide on whether to pass them, based on feedback from multiple parties.

The above changes would apply to agencies like the EPA, the Department of Education, the FDA, etc. It would make these agencies more accountable to the people, and mitigate abuse on the part of the Left. Environmental policies by the Left, for example, would largely collapse, as the Left would not be able to make end runs around the will of the people, by taking over these agencies, and passing the regulations they want, with near impunity.

Patmore Douglas 4/19/2023 9:36:00 PM