Some people say that private businesses should be able to mandate anything they want. Should they be able to tell you to take a vile of poison to keep working? Should they be able to tell you to take an experimental vaccine, shrouded in the highest levels of vaccine injuries and deaths, of any vaccine, in U.S. history? This is not about a business having the right to tell you to wear a uniform to work. This is about the ‘right’ of a business to illegally require you to reveal private medical information, and to order you to take one of the most dangerous vaccines ever made. Also, you are required to do the above, even as a collusion of some of the largest, most powerful corporations in the world, and our corrupt federal health bureaucracy, is working hard to cover up the record numbers of injuries and deaths, caused by the vaccines.

Patmore Douglas 10/12/2021 12:07:00 PM

I believe the Republican party can’t be trusted. I believe conservatives should pursue our objectives, by using any number of conservative / libertarian groups. I believe we should engage with the Republican party when it is in our interest. I however don’t think conservatives should rely on the Republican party on a host of issues, because on these issues, they are effectively an extension of the elites’ ‘Uniparty’.

Conservatives are in dire need of lobbying groups in Washington DC, and all over the country. I believe there is a great need for conservatives to form lobbying groups over social issues, like the celebration of traditional marriage, and time tested Christian principles. There should be lobbying groups over school choice. There should be lobbying groups over political collusion and antitrust issues, as well as how our government treats multinationals – which I believe should be treated as a class of foreign entities. There should be America first lobbying groups, pushing for the interests of local American businesses, and so forth. Washington DC is awash with foreign/multinational dollars and lobbying, and this needs to be rectified as soon as possible, to help save our country.

Patmore Douglas 10/6/2021 4:20:00 PM

Why do conservatives who know that California has a history of significant voter fraud, think that there was no significant voter fraud in the September 14, 2021, governor, recall election? Further, why has it not seemed to occur to many conservatives, that there was likely sufficient voter fraud to overturn the governor recall election? Now it is true that Democrats usually commit voter fraud by cheating in myriad ways, until they have just enough votes to win a race. The problem with this approach, is that it allows their opponents to call for audits. The 2020 elections have seen calls for a series of audits in swing states, that are now a headache for Democrats. So if you are a Democrat leader, how would you cheat in a way that avoids triggering audits in an election? You would win the race by a large margin. Most people would assume that the race was fair, and wouldn’t think to question the election. So if you are a Democrat, and you can use millions of mail-in ballots (which can legitimately be printed from home, or any number of places) to create ballots on demand for your candidate, would you do so? Absolutely! It would be keeping in character with Democrats and their lust for power at all cost, and it would be consistent with Democrats’ behavior of doing ever more outrageous things to stay in power.

So you have means, motive, and opportunity for Democrats to engage in industrial scale voter fraud, and for it to take place smoothly – made possible largely via mail-in ballots. In addition, there have been indicators here and there, that were quickly ignored, that this was likely the case. If conservatives care about free and fair elections in CA, they should demand to see right away, at least random samplings of ballots, and have data scientists go over them for anomalies.  

Given Gavin Newsom’s bouts of fear during the election, I believe there is a good chance that he would have lost in a free and fair election. California does not have an election system that is resilient to voter fraud. On the contrary, California has an election system that is ripe to industrial scale voter fraud (made possible by mail-in ballots). Americans should no longer consider California a democracy – for such a form of government, hinges on a transparent election system, that is resilient to cheating. The downfall of California, has been largely due to the fall of the integrity of its election system. Democrats are seeking to compound that with radical demographic change, by importing new voters to displace the votes of millions of Californians. This is a coup that I hope Americans will fight against, and successfully remedy.

Patmore Douglas 9/16/2021 2:42:00 PM

Per this Wikipedia article, the following quote is the reason given by the Supreme Court, why a woman has the right to kill her unborn child.

‘In January 1973, the Supreme Court issued a 7–2 decision ruling that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a "right to privacy" that protects a pregnant woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.’

This is the first time I’ve looked into the matter, and I’m surprised America has accepted such a flimsy argument all this time. SCOTUS discounted the fact that an unborn child is a sentient human life form, in order to reach its decision. In my opinion, that is like the courts of old discounting Blacks as being sentient human beings as well, and saying that they can be treated like property. SCOTUS does not have the right to discriminate against an innocent human life, and say in the case of the unborn, they are not worthy of being protected by the constitution. (In fact I think an argument can be made, that the unborn deserves equal protection under the law, and therefore cannot be summarily killed, in an abortion procedure.) In my opinion, SCOTUS was wrong to suggest that anyone has the right to harm or kill another innocent human being, in private.

Patmore Douglas 9/12/2021 5:48:00 PM

This video hosted by Kim Iversen from the Hill, contains an excellent debate. Do U.S. soldiers have a right to express dissenting opinions about their senior command's orders? Do they not have a 1st Amendment right, that trumps any command that can be handed down to them by the military, about expressing their opinions about military and other matters? (This is not about disobeying an order, it is about expressing a dissenting opinion.) Also, is the military obligated to follow its civilian leaders, even if it judges its orders to be unlawful?

Patmore Douglas 9/6/2021 8:11:00 AM

I don't know why American society puts up with what the Left are doing. We know that it is the sickest individuals who exploit and abuse children. Now we have the Left trying to make a psychological disease (gender dysphoria) popular through school indoctrination and cultural pressure. And they are pushing for the genital mutilation of children, transforming them into unnatural creatures. And if that is not enough, the Left are trying to foster enmity and resentment among America's children, using Critical Race Theory. The Left are also teaching children, sexual perversions. Again, if a single individual did all that to a child, we would be outraged, and try to file criminal charges against him. But no single individual is doing it, rather it is our nation’s teachers – and they are doing it a planned, highly coordinated way.

Patmore Douglas 8/26/2021 7:21:00 AM

Some people think that the Democrat party likes minorities over Whites. No they don't. The Democrat party has exploited and abused Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, and others, in the form of slavery, white supremacy, segregation to reservations, etc., throughout the history of this country. The basic attitude of the Democrat party towards minorities has not changed: what has changed, is the way they cover it up, and manipulate these groups that they hate, to do the things they want. What has also changed, is that they have turned against non-elite Whites. The Democrat party is the party of the elites, which pretends it is the party of the oppressed. The Democrat party does this in order to divide up the masses, and play them against one another. The elites hate non-elite Whites the most, because their culture contains Western Civilization in its most concentrated form. The elites pursuit of non-elite Whites with Critical Race Theory and other devices, is to stamp out western civilization as quickly and as thoroughly as they can. Multiculturism, Feminism, the LGBT agenda, etc. are all designed for the same purpose. Make no mistake though, once the influence of non-elite Whites become diminished, the elites will turn the various groups in western societies on one another, in order to eliminate them.

People who think Democrats like Blacks, need only look at how the Democrat Black mayor of Chicago, sits back and watches those in her charge, kill one another, as she exacerbates the situation by tying the hands of law enforcement, and blaming the situation on guns and White Supremacy. Democrats know full well, that in order to improve the plight of Blacks, they can introduce programs that encourage Blacks to start families, and they can push forward school choice. Instead, Democrats do nothing, and push for the moral degradation of Blacks with school indoctrinations and bad cultural influences, and watch as the moral fiber of their communities fall apart, and these communities descend into chaos. Chicago is an ongoing experiment by the Democrat party, on how to destroy American society - and they are doing this, while convincing Blacks that they care about them, and that those who would help them (Republicans) are their enemies.

The Democrat party is the Machiavellian party, whose mascot should be a snake, rather than a donkey. Its end goals, are the elimination of America, and the formation of a world government, in service to the elites. Ordinary Americans are just fodder and annoyances to them.

Are you wondering why the Biden administration seems indifferent about saving American lives in Afghanistan, while shills for the elites express great interest in saving Afghan lives? Having diverse populations, is conducive to them being able to destroy western societies, by stirring groups against one another. As for ordinary Americans, they just get in the way of the elites.

Patmore Douglas 8/20/2021 10:30:00 AM

When you see a multinational organization like Facebook, Google, PayPal, Disney, the NBA, or MLB, take it to be a foreign entity, not an American company. When you do that, your eyes will be opened to the fact that America is now filled with giant, economically powerful foreign entities, that are pulling the focus of our government away from us. We are losing our country because American companies are morphing into effectively foreign, quasi-political entities, and they are influencing our government representatives, into pursuing their interests, that are antithetical to ours.

Patmore Douglas 8/19/2021 10:24:00 AM

Globalists are paying off GOP politicians as well as Democrats: that is largely why Republicans aren't doing anything. Washington DC is thoroughly corrupted by money from multinational corporations and countries (foreign interests), whose concerns are the opposite of ours. The U.S. is experiencing a novel kind of siege by foreign interests, who have discovered they can pay off American politicians and public officials, and have America bend to their will. When you replace Republican politicians, they become overwhelmed by their surroundings, and soon become corrupted like those before them. Somehow we need to put a stop to this anti-American money, or else America will continue its slide into totalitarianism and decline.

Patmore Douglas 8/19/2021 10:01:00 AM

Vaccine mandates will just be the beginning of the Left’s tyrannical control. If they are successful with these things, they will effectively give the Left license to do anything they want with our bodies (in the name of public health). The Left would be able to contrive any public emergency they want, have mainstream media back them up, then do whatever they want to us. Further, if the Left move American society to a collectivist mindset, they would be able to get away with atrocities as big as genocide, as they would at some point be able to say, that some in society will have to be sacrificed, for the greater good.

In addition to above, if the Left get away with vaccine mandates, they will create on top of it, a social credit score system, like what American big tech helped China build, which will regulate all our activities, depending on how we behave in the eyes of the state. For example, if we do things the Democrat party disagrees with, it will be harder for us to buy houses, buy cars, go away on vacations, etc.

After the development of the above system, the Left will migrate the system into implantable chips, with which we will need to buy and sell things. So eventually we will end up with chips that monitor everything we do, the detailed functioning of our bodies, as well as allow us to buy and sell things. These chips will probably also be releasing chemicals into our bodies, and we would be completely controlled by the government. (This is end-of-days, mark-of-the-beast, stuff.)

Patmore Douglas 8/18/2021 6:41:00 PM