Some people ask, what is the point of all these COVID rules – many of which seem confusing and arbitrary? COVID-19 is being used as a pretext to permanently suspend Americans’ rights, and create an authoritarian society. The Left continually look for weaknesses in American society, and exploit them. The Left saw that during the COVID-19 emergency, much of our society accepted the suspension of our rights, as well as the Left’s authoritarian rule. The Left believe that they can completely take over our society (and have it accepted by us), by initiating a series of crises, they can use to unnerve us, in order to subvert our society’s order, and substitute their own in its place. COVID-19 is supposed to be the first (or maybe the second) of these crises – that are supposed to be amplified and managed, largely by mainstream media.

The Left are currently thinking about manufacturing a Climate Change crisis – which will essentially be a psychological warfare operation by mainstream media, targeting the American public. The Left will try and use this as a pretext to make further encroachments on our lives.

The World Economic Forum (globalist central) was wondering out loud about what would happen, if a country’s grid was attacked. It is likely they are thinking about having such an attack take place, which they would use to seize further control of the world’s democracies through the Left.

So right in front of our eyes, western democracies are being attacked and subverted by the world’s elites, through the Left, using a set of crises, psychological warfares, and political trickery (for example, voter fraud, and population replacement through illegal immigration.) The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Patmore Douglas 7/23/2021 8:30:00 PM

When the Biden administration talks about misinformation, it is spouting totalitarian rubbish! This country has just about always pursued the truth through rigorous debate. Every court proceeding is about presenting opposing viewpoints, in order to arrive at the truth - and then a sound judgment. When you develop a solution to a problem, you bombard it with a slew of challenges to see if the solution holds up under the onslaught. It is only after you see your solution resist challenges made against it, that you have confidence in it. When a scientific study is made, it is subject to peer review, to see if it can withstand challenges to it. It is only after a study is seen to be unscathed by challenges, that the scientific community has confidence in it. It is virtually impossible to get to the truth about anything, without opening a position to challenges. On the contrary, it is people who know their viewpoints are weak or dishonest, who try to protect them with censorship. If the Biden administration was sure about the correctness of its medical and other positions, or wanted to ensure it arrived at the best positions, it would welcome challenges to them. The Biden administration’s claims about misinformation, is therefore nothing more than protection for its phony narratives, it knows would fall apart, if they were subject to intellectual challenges.

Patmore Douglas 7/21/2021 8:59:00 PM

When the Left are in an underdog position, they plead victimization and human rights. When the Left are in a superior position, they act as authoritarians and ram rod their policies down everyone’s throat. In this video between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ben Shapiro, it is not that Tyson is being magnanimous, rational, and fair, it is that he realizes his position is politically weak, and he is trying to convince Shapiro and the rest of American society, to accept it. Americans should not.

Transgenderism is not just about transgenderism: it is about whether our society and courts will put the subjective views of a privileged few, over objective reality, and the subjective views of the majority. That is what the acceptance of transgender policies mean. A privileged (mentally ill) minority, have a view of themselves that flies in the face of objective reality, as well as the subjective views of the rest of society, and all of society is compelled to live under the supremacy of the minority’s views. This is a violation of Americans’ 1st Amendment rights, as well the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The notion that the denial of transgender policies is inhumane, is nothing more than a play on human emotions, in order to obtain a political end. Transgenders can think whatever they want: they just don’t have the right impose their thoughts or beliefs on the rest of society, anymore than a Joe Schmoe who thinks he is the true quarterback for the New England Patriots, has the right to displace the team’s real star quarterback, and play on the team.

Patmore Douglas 7/18/2021 1:57:00 PM

"Give me liberty, or give me death" means that liberty is more highly regarded than life in free societies. The fact that we go to war and die for liberty, underscores that point as well.

Tyrants go after and destroy freedom, under different guises – including the guise of caring for life.  We saw that plainly after March 2020, when Democrat politicians used the pandemic to usurp individual freedoms, in the name of saving lives. Democrat politicians generally failed to protect the vulnerable population from COVID-19 (by subjecting them to voluntary quarantines) but instead, used their high death rates, as a pretext to strip the rest of their populations, of their liberties.

When you see your liberties being stripped away, and the entity doing the stripping saying it is for your, or someone else’s own good, be very wary. If your freedoms continue to decrease over the course of weeks or longer, chances are you dealing with one or more tyrants, and you will have to fight them to reclaim your liberty.

Patmore Douglas 7/16/2021 7:16:00 PM

When the Left want to destroy an aspect of society, they cloak their actions under a noble sounding effort. Currently the Left are destroying aspects of western society, under the banner of ‘social justice’. Climate change, is the Left’s cover to destroy western society’s energy industry: the industry that powers just about all other industries. If western energy industry goes, it will lead to a catastrophic societal and economic collapse, which will in turn lead to mass deaths. (We are talking about hundreds of millions, if not billions of people dying.)  LGBT social justice, is meant to decimate the family unit – the foundational human structure of western civilization. Bringing ‘social justice’ to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is meant to destroy these disciplines in western society, ushering in western society’s collapse, as western society would no longer be able to build anything, or objectively manipulate its environment.

Western society’s citizens need to recognize the malevolence of the Left, and do something about it. Be particularly wary of trying to act through established political and other organizations: it is likely they have been infiltrated by the Left, and will not do anything to stop them.

Patmore Douglas 7/14/2021 8:53:00 AM

Any senior black person in the Democrat party, who asserts that whites are racists, should not be taken seriously. The person is either utterly stupid, or utterly deceptive - probably both. The Democrat party, by virtue of its track record, is the most racist institution, in the history of America. To denounce racism from the platform of the Democrat party, is like a henchman in the mob, denouncing organized crime. This fake moral indignation from actors associated with the historically and current racist Democrat party, is just these actors trying to undermine the moral stature of the United States, and delegitimize its existence. It is a key part of the Left’s current Marxist takeover of America. When someone from the Left lectures someone else about racism, the lectured individual should say, “Why is someone from the most racist institution in America [the Democrat party], lecturing me about racism? That is like an axe murderer lecturing a jaywalker about morality.”

Patmore Douglas 7/10/2021 6:34:00 PM

The big problem with the Republican party, it that it doesn’t do much beyond its familiar areas of interest. These areas of interest reflect the areas of interest of the party leaders – not the ordinary Americans the party is supposed to represent. In my opinion, the party’s behavior is consistent with it being compromised by the Left. The Left consistently infiltrate neutral or opposing organizations, and render them ineffective at challenging the Left. You see this with the Catholic Church, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the intelligence community, big business, the financial industry, etc. You see the Left currently trying to do so with the military. If conservatives continue to rely on the Republican party to deal with the Left, as the Left try to destroy America and western civilization from within, before long, the opportunity to defend our freedom and way of life, will be gone.

I believe conservatives should solve the problem of an unresponsive Republican party, through the use of an array of conservative activist organizations. Similar to the grassroots efforts at combatting Critical Race Theory, bottom-up groups should be formed to combat the Left on a range of issues, to correct the significant distortions the Left have made on our society; and to put a labyrinth of obstacles in place, to prevent the Left’s easy re-emergence and assault on our way of life. The most important thing conservatives can do, is break up the Left. The Left are a massive political cartel of organizations, working in conjunction with enemy states like China and Iran, to bring down America and Europe from within and without. Also, conservatives should dislodge the Left from their political seats of power, while focusing particularly on securing every election system in the country, in order to ensure free and fair elections.

Conservative activist organizations should push U.S. state governments and countries around the world, to outlaw political collusion by organizations that are not specifically allowed to do so. For example, multinationals, almost all for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, etc., should be disallowed to work together politically. In fact, very few organizations should be allowed to collude politically, and the cartels they form, should be limited in size and be transparent. Conservative organizations should push states to infiltrate globalist organizations, and prosecute their members for treason, subversion, and related crimes. Conservative groups should infiltrate election systems, and push for reforms (particularly in Democrat run districts) that ensure transparency and election integrity. If they face push back, they should garner political support, and press ahead in their mission. If conservatives do not have a significant influence in an election system, they should assume the system is rigged.

Patmore Douglas 7/8/2021 12:29:00 AM

For generations, the Left have framed LGBT individuals as victims and oppressed, in an effort to push society to accept their behavior increasingly as acceptable, and even virtuous. More and more, the Left are promoting LGBT behavior as being morally comparable to traditional heterosexual behavior, and even superior. It is a classic emotional play by the Left. The Left stir society’s emotions to a high level, in order to get it to accept something, without giving it too much thought. While I appreciate LGBT behavior comprise a set of vices for a section of a society’s population, and this should temper how we view these individuals, LGBT behavior is none-the-less unnatural, dangerous behavior, that can decimate lives, and an entire society - if it is allowed to be promoted and spread, as the Left are doing.

Patmore Douglas 7/2/2021 9:48:00 PM

Democrats contend that wherever there is disparity between groups, there is racism. Democrats then take this as license to implement their policies, which they contend improves things for the disadvantaged. In other words, per Democrats, unequal outcomes in our society, is evidence of racism or social injustice; and this social injustice, must be remedied by Democrats.

The thing is, the greatest disparities among groups in terms of economic achievement, academic achievement, etc., take place in Democrat districts. (Democrat districts have: the highest incarceration rates; the lowest academic achievement rates; the highest crime rates; the highest poverty rates, etc., compared to other districts in America.) By Democrats’ reasoning, the greatest perpetrators of inequities, and hence racism, are the Democrats themselves. So then, why is society allowing the most racist institution in America, the Democrat party, to fix the results of the racist crimes they have perpetrated against minorities? That is like asking thugs who robbed and beat up an old lady, to ensure the old lady is remedied for her injuries.

People need to realize the Democrat party is a political crime organization. Don’t accept it when they try to pin the blame for their crimes on America in general, or on entities other than themselves.

The Democrats have absolutely no plans to improve the lives of minorities with their agenda. Just look at their overall track record so far. Since their ‘defund the police’ movement; catch and release bail reform efforts; releasing large amounts of criminals onto the streets, etc., more minorities have died, or have been injured, or have had their standard of living decreased because of surging crime. In the meantime, BLM has become enriched, with their founders becoming millionaires. Democrat politicians increased their power by winning the White House and the Senate. Finally, top donors to the Democrat party, increased their wealth by many billions.

Minorities, stop being pawns for the Democrat party. Don’t buy it when Democrats pretend to be on our side.

Patmore Douglas 6/30/2021 6:26:00 AM

Democrats are fundamentally dishonest. You can't have a political party that's been nearly universally pushing for the defunding of the police, which resulted in $1B slashed from the NYPD budget, as well as millions slashed from various Democrat city budgets (which has led to skyrocketing murders and other crimes), simultaneously claiming that they are for funding the police. The Democrats’ COVID related ‘American Rescue Plan’, provided funds to states and localities, not specifically slated for the police, but which could be used for the police. Does anyone however seriously believe in Democrat districts pushing for the defunding of the police, politicians would have used money from the ‘American Rescue Plan’ to actually fund the police? Also, suggesting that because a politician is against a legislation that has some potential benefit to voters, means that the politician is against voters, is disingenuous. If a legislation, for example, issues $100 checks to Americans, while at the same time sends hundreds of billions to the CCP, the politician would be correct for opposing the legislation.

No one should fall for the slight of hand reasoning given by Jen Psaki, that Republicans showed themselves for the defunding of the police, while Democrats showed themselves for the funding of police. What Psaki said, was designed to deceive the American public - and she accomplished her goal to some extent.

Patmore Douglas 6/28/2021 8:05:00 PM