The Left Suing Oil Companies

When the Left sue Oil Companies over their distribution and use of fossil fuels, remember that virtually everything has cost and benefit. This is seen most starkly in medicines. Virtually all medicines have cons or side effects. Are we to outlaw or restrict medicines where their pros far outweigh their cons - due to the fact they have cons? The same thing can be said about fossil fuels. The world’s current: population level; science and technology; wealth of knowledge; standard of living; high level of health and healthcare, are made possible by fossil fuels. Getting rid of fossil fuels would wipe out the advantages of human living above, eliminating the lives of billions, while sending us back to the dark ages. Restricting fossil fuels would also have a detrimental effect on the lives of billions of people around the globe, by significantly increasing inflation, which would result in the impoverishing of the world, and the death of many millions.

The above underscores the malevolence of those who want to eliminate fossil fuels - based on the unproven, politicized, science of Climate Change, whose models and predictions have been consistently wrong. Further, these proponents of the elimination of fossil fuels, individually produce orders of magnitude more CO2 than the average person, and only increase their CO2 output over time - in clear contradiction of their claim, that humanity only has a limited amount of time to change its behavior. In addition, these people refuse to entertain the idea of dealing with unfolding issues, by using technological innovation (which we do every day, in just about every industry).

Patmore Douglas 3/17/2024 2:31:00 AM