The Left are on a fervent mission, to absolutely corrupt the children of America, through the use of LGBT ideology. The Left contend, that all forms of love are the same. An empirical observation of human behavior however disputes this, and shows that a society that adheres to traditional gender roles, as well as natural human behavior, are the best performing; and have the happiest, most stable individual men and women.

Patmore Douglas 5/23/2022 9:50:00 PM

Note this gesture by Beto O'Rourke.

The above is the same principle as the Biden administration providing spaces and pipes for crack addicts. Yes the addicts appreciate the gesture, as the gesture gives them near term pleasure. The gesture however also makes them evermore lost and mired in their addiction, and hurtles them faster to their destruction.

The Left is now presenting the enablement of severe mental illness (gender dysphoria/psychosis) as acts of kindness. Instead of encouraging these individuals to get psychotherapy, and have their thinking realigned with reality, the Left are pushing these disturbed individuals in directions away from reality and sound thinking, and framing what they are doing as compassion. (The Left are even trying to ensnare weak individuals [particularly children] into thinking they are afflicted with gender dysphoria, so that they can lead them down paths to their destruction as well.)

The above is the nature of the Left in virtually everything they do: they mislead society by pointing to a near term advantage of their strategy, as they obscure the overall long term damage that follows when people do as they suggest. The Left then insist that they are kind, and have compassion in the things they do.

Patmore Douglas 2/24/2022 2:55:00 PM

In my opinion, the main difference between the Right and the Left, is that the Right recognize natural law, and the importance of the adherence to natural law, for things to go well. We are actually no different from scientists or engineers - our sphere of concentration is just human behavior, politics, and (believe it or not) the liberal arts. Just as engineers recognize the importance of innovating consistent with natural physical laws (so that for example, planes don’t fall out of the sky), conservatives believe in the importance of running society, consistent with natural law – as it governs human behavior – so that things don’t fall apart, as we are now seeing in Blue states. The Left on the other hand believe they can do just about anything. They show no belief in natural law (including truth and reality), and recklessly plunge society in all manner of directions, and leave chaos and suffering in their wake. The Right also believe the individual comes first, and the Left believe the collective comes first – hence, the Left do not really believe in individual rights.

Patmore Douglas 2/14/2022 11:59:00 PM

Note the trailer to this blatantly racist show which is supposed to play on cable.

Conservatives need to start saying the problem was never with Whites: the problem was with Liberal Whites, aka, the Democrat party. It was Liberal Whites who enslaved Blacks; it was Conservative Christian Whites, who fought and died to set Blacks free. It was Liberal Whites (Democrats) who ruled under the banner of White Supremacy for decades in the South; had Jim Crow laws; the KKK, the lynching of Blacks, etc. It was Conservative Christian Whites, who pushed for the 13th Amendment to ban slavery, etc. It was Liberal Whites in blue states who were masking everyone, including children - even though there was no scientific justification for it. It was Liberal Whites who were pushing lockdowns, censorship, forced injections of experimental vaccines onto everyone, discrimination against the unvaccinated, etc. It was Conservative Christian Whites and others, who fought to reverse these things.

Minorities should not fall for the serpentine words of the Left. Bad behavior is determined by what you believe, and what your values are. The sins by Whites of old were done by those who were godless, unprincipled, and those who placed worldly accomplishments, above common human decency. These are the refrain seen among all immoral peoples of varying physical characteristics, throughout history. The above is the main lesson of the Good Samaritan. The above is partly why Martin Luther King Jr. said the following:

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

The Left are a malevolent bunch, who pretend to be otherwise, and are trying to drive us back to the pre-civil rights era, in order to divide us, so they can win elections, and maintain political power. No one should fall for what the Left are doing. 

Patmore Douglas 2/11/2022 7:31:00 AM

I believe conservatives should stop using the term 'trans'. Using the Left's term, allows the Left to frame the conversation about those suffering from gender dysphoria, in an emotional light, that paints them as victims. Conservatives should always be mindful to reframe arguments by the Left, in ways that are beneficial to Conservatives and society at large, so as to gain the upper hand during such arguments. I believe Conservatives should start calling those who see themselves as being of a gender other than what they are objectively, gender psychotics, or gender confused. Make it a point when arguing gender psychological issues, to always re-focus the conversation away from emotion, back to objective truths. Conservatives should for example be arguing in front of a judge, “What a person feels is irrelevant. In a rent dispute, do we go by how the renter or a tenant feels? Or do we go by objective facts? Then why are we not going by objective facts in this case? If a person thinks he is something he is objectively not, this means he is psychotic, and the proper thing to do, is to recommend he gets treated, so that he can recognize the reality of his situation. Going along with a person’s delusions, ultimately helps neither the person, nor those around him. A person’s delusions are not true, and hence are a lie. When has living according to a lie ever been profitable, and living according to the truth been worse? We are here for you to arbitrate whether to let a man compete in women’s sport. The guy is objectively a man, which disqualifies him automatically from women’s sports. There should be no complication. If we were here about evicting a tenant from a house, and the tenant thought he owned the house, would you even consider letting the tenant remain in the house, because he suffers from a psychosis? No! You would order the tenant leave the house, and recommend he obtain psychiatric care. Why aren’t you doing essentially the same thing here? Why aren’t you ordering that a man cannot play in women’s sports, because his (real/objective) gender disqualifies him? Regarding his psychosis, shouldn’t you recommend he should seek out psychiatric care, to address his psychological confusion?”

Patmore Douglas 1/31/2022 12:53:00 AM

Groups need to file lawsuits to not only to stop vaccine mandates by governments and private entities, but to have the courts force discovery about the dangerous nature of mRNA vaccines. If we can get the courts to rule that mRNA vaccines are dangerous, and that there are more effective and less dangerous ways to treat COVID-19 (like through the use of therapeutics) we can pressure the distribution of mRNA vaccinations to be halted. Afterwards, we can look at ways to sue Pfizer and other mRNA vaccine distributors out of business, as well as to bring criminal charges against their executives, and all who knowingly participated in this campaign of mass harm against the American and world populations.

Patmore Douglas 1/29/2022 10:28:00 AM

I believe lawsuits should be filed over the question, ‘Can the government or a private organization, compel or coerce someone to take into his body, a product that is known to be unsafe, or where the product’s safety is unknown or in dispute?’ Lawyers could start with the hypothetical, ‘Can the government or a private company, coerce an individual into taking a substance that is known to contain sufficiently high levels of arsenic or pesticide, that is harmful to him?’ If the answer is no, lawyers could next ask the following question about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. ‘Can the government or a private company, coerce an individual into taking a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, given that the vaccines are documented to have killed over 21,000 people (4 times more than all other vaccines combined since 1990), and have caused over 1 million adverse reactions - per the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)?’ (Note: VAERS is reputed to contain reports of only a fraction of deaths and adverse reactions that have taken place. Therefore the actual death and adverse reaction numbers due to COVID vaccines, are likely much higher.) I believe lawyers should further ask the question, ‘How many products are currently on the market, that have killed over 21,000 people, and has caused over 1 million adverse events in the United States? If there is none. Why is the government and companies, allowed to coerce people into taking these deadly COVID-19 vaccines, that has inflicted so much harm on the U.S. population?’

I believe the above lawsuit should be spearheaded by lawyers like Robert Kennedy, Jr. - lawyers who can eloquently argue technical/medical issues. If need be, experts should be brought in, to underscore the lethality of the mRNA vaccines, the mechanics of how these vaccines work, and the consequences of their malfunction when they are introduced into the body. (Lawyers should bring in various doctors such as epidemiologists and pathologists, to help make their cases.) Lawyers should point out, that much safer and effective alternatives to vaccines exist in the form of therapeutics, but the government has been stifling information on this form of treatment for months. Lawyers should show that the federal government has been consistently wrong and dishonest in its management of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that it is appropriate for the public to question its recommendations and have doubts about its mandates.

If courts ask why they should rule on the above issue, in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions on vaccine mandates, I believe lawyers should reply, that rulings on vaccine mandates made previously by the courts, assumed that the vaccines were safe. These cases are about mandates for the use of products that are dangerous or unsafe.

Patmore Douglas 1/15/2022 3:39:00 PM

The way you know what the Left are up to, is by reading their overall behavior (major actions). You can’t tell what the Left are up to, by stitching together an overall picture of what they said. The Left are liars; therefore the latter technique will not work on them. The former technique however, works on everyone. (By their fruits will you know them - Matthew 7:15-20.)

It is not that the Left do not believe in law and order (they are after all very pro-China, and other left-wing police states). The Left are simply trying to destabilize their cities, to give themselves emergency powers, and establish authoritarian rule over their districts. Stated another way: the Left are trying to short-circuit American democracy, and establish authoritarian rule – similar to what they are doing with the COVID pandemic.

Patmore Douglas 1/8/2022 5:11:00 PM

Mainstream media (MSM) waged a psychological war against the American people over the last 2 years, with its non-stop fear campaign. As a result, it has screwed up vast amounts of people's lives economically and medically.

MSM is an extremely hostile force living amongst the American people, and many do not see it. MSM is much more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat party: it is a weapon of mass harm against the American people. One example of its negative impact, is the way it induced in a highly coordinated way, a vast portion of the U.S. population, to take experimental vaccines, without asking any questions about adverse events, and about how the vaccines are by far the most lethal an injurious in U.S. history.

Patmore Douglas 1/4/2022 12:08:00 PM

Society needs to say it will not tolerate elevating a person's delusions (or even opinions) above objective facts, when arbitrating matters. It is irrelevant if a biological male thinks he is a girl. He is objectively a male, and must be judged against this objective fact - at least primarily. Arbitrating things from objective facts, is how a society keeps its judgments fair. Further, if a guy thinks he is a girl, and the world says he is not, why should he be right, and the rest of the world be wrong? If we are to primarily arbitrate things from the individual’s perspective, shouldn’t this approach not be equally applied? If a guy thinks he is a girl, and over 300 million people think he is not, shouldn’t the view of each of the 300 million people of the population, count just as much as the guy’s? Any thing short of this is discrimination against the population, and hence the unequal application of the law. That is why long lasting civilizations have always arbitrated matters based on objective truths. If you move away from this standard, society will fall into chaos, and this will be its downfall.

Patmore Douglas 12/31/2021 2:47:00 PM