I see a highly organized transnational effort to take down America and western civilization. (I, along with many others, can see it with the coordinated efforts across western nations, to destroy the middle class, primarily using lockdowns - under the guise of managing the COVID-19 pandemic.) On the other hand, I see no organized opposing force to the globalist effort, by U.S. and western civilization patriots. DeSantis stands up to the Biden administration (the embodiment of the head of the U.S. globalist movement) – but that’s about it. I see no serious organized effort to oppose globalists and China, as these entities are taking over institution after institution in the west, and corrupting them towards their ends. For example, Bill Gates along with other globalists and China, are buying up farmland in America, in order to control what we eat. Where is the matching organized movement to thwart their efforts, and destroy their organization?

The biggest issue I had with President Trump, was that he never treated the Left as if they were a dangerous existential threat to the United States and the west, that had to be neutralized as quickly as possible. I believe Trump actually believed he could reform them. Now look at where we are now: on the threshold of medical authoritarianism. If Trump gets another opportunity, he needs or put together an alliance, and neutralize the globalists and the CCP. The globalists are world depopulationists, psychos. They are acting as if they have to succeed with their agenda at any cost. At every turn, we should expect them to be devious, and be willing to break any and all rules to succeed.

God help us.

Patmore Douglas 8/4/2021 6:16:00 PM

American parents should no longer assume that the schools they send they children to, have the best interest of their kids. They should in fact assume the opposite, and try and re-organize America's education system, outside the current power structures they are under. One of the things that made the America great, and the most fair country throughout its history, has been the separation of powers architecture of the U.S. government. Americans have apparently taken this for granted, and do not seem to realize that the principle of the separation of powers needs to be constantly reapplied across America, to ensure that it is not taken over by hostile entities from within. That is for example why we developed antitrust law in 1890: to deal with private powers coalescing in unprecedented ways in the private sector, and becoming a threat to ordinary Americans.

The creation of the agencies of the executive branch was a huge violation of the separation of powers principle. This has given rise to the deep state: a group of huge, powerful government entities, that show less of an allegiance to the national interests of the United States, and more of an allegiance to the globalist movement, that is seeking to dissolve individual world governments, and replace them with one, globe spanning world government. Many Americans think the current authoritarian takeover attempt by the Left of western civilization (under the pretext of managing the COVID-19 pandemic), will fail and pass. These Americans should not be so sure. Instead, they should be actively working to combat the takeover, and structurally alter our society, to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

One way to tackle the globalist dilemma we now face, is to decentralize education by first scrapping the Department of Education, and having states contract out the education of its children to a range of private, charter, and other types of schools, where the state government awards money to the students, to help them go to the schools of their parents’ choices. We must do all that we can to come up with decentralized solutions to Americans’ needs, where parties that comprise the solutions, are only given limited ability to work together, and are generally not allowed to politically collude.

Patmore Douglas 8/4/2021 6:44:00 AM

The Left used the high death rates of the elderly in the COVID-19 pandemic, as justification to launch their totalitarian state, which stripped: ordinary Americans of their rights; many Americans of their jobs/livelihoods; many upper middle class of their livelihoods (in the form of their businesses); kids of their quality education; many of their health (including mental health and periodic treatments [e.g. cancer]). The totalitarian state, also saw a massive transfer of wealth from the upper middle class (small business owners) to the billionaire class. As small businesses were forcibly shut down by politicians on the Left, and the Left’s donors made a killing from increased online sales/transactions.

Thousands of doctors and other medical professionals pleaded with the federal and state bureaucracies, to push a strategy of protecting the elderly, and allowing the U.S. economy to largely continue as normal. Sweden successfully employed that strategy. Many red states, including Florida, successfully employed that strategy. But the Left roundly ignored it, and instead took a route that gave them tremendous wealth and power – all the while insisting that they care. (That is the nature of the Left.)

When the Left’s major actions are examined (which is how you figure out the way people really are) you see where the Left failed to take special measures to protect the vulnerable, but instead exploited their high death levels, to scare the public, and use that as justification to create an authoritarian, medical state.

Patmore Douglas 7/30/2021 6:35:00 PM

The diversity and inclusion movement, was in large part created to destroy the meritocracy of the west, to help facilitate the west's demise. The Left couldn't get the west to directly abandon meritocracy. So they framed the losers of meritocracy as victims, and they pushed for the losers to be elevated, so that they could be on par with the winners - in the name of equity and social justice.

This is what the Left do. They frame their malevolent acts, as acts of kindness and morality. Everyone must realize, that if an action is not in harmony with how the world works, it is destructive to those who engage in it. Meritocracy and competition is how the world works, and those who embrace this way of doing things thrive. Conversely those who don't, become diminished or destroyed.

Needless to say, China, the globalists, and all the enemies of the west, are delighted with the destruction the Left are doing inside the west.

Patmore Douglas 7/30/2021 9:01:00 AM

Some people ask, what is the point of all these COVID rules – many of which seem confusing and arbitrary? COVID-19 is being used as a pretext to permanently suspend Americans’ rights, and create an authoritarian society. The Left continually look for weaknesses in American society, and exploit them. The Left saw that during the COVID-19 emergency, much of our society accepted the suspension of our rights, as well as the Left’s authoritarian rule. The Left believe that they can completely take over our society (and have it accepted by us), by initiating a series of crises, they can use to unnerve us, in order to subvert our society’s order, and substitute their own in its place. COVID-19 is supposed to be the first (or maybe the second) of these crises – that are supposed to be amplified and managed, largely by mainstream media.

The Left are currently thinking about manufacturing a Climate Change crisis – which will essentially be a psychological warfare operation by mainstream media, targeting the American public. The Left will try and use this as a pretext to make further encroachments on our lives.

The World Economic Forum (globalist central) was wondering out loud about what would happen, if a country’s grid was attacked. It is likely they are thinking about having such an attack take place, which they would use to seize further control of the world’s democracies through the Left.

So right in front of our eyes, western democracies are being attacked and subverted by the world’s elites, through the Left, using a set of crises, psychological warfares, and political trickery (for example, voter fraud, and population replacement through illegal immigration.) The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Patmore Douglas 7/23/2021 8:30:00 PM

When the Biden administration talks about misinformation, it is spouting totalitarian rubbish! This country has just about always pursued the truth through rigorous debate. Every court proceeding is about presenting opposing viewpoints, in order to arrive at the truth - and then a sound judgment. When you develop a solution to a problem, you bombard it with a slew of challenges to see if the solution holds up under the onslaught. It is only after you see your solution resist challenges made against it, that you have confidence in it. When a scientific study is made, it is subject to peer review, to see if it can withstand challenges to it. It is only after a study is seen to be unscathed by challenges, that the scientific community has confidence in it. It is virtually impossible to get to the truth about anything, without opening a position to challenges. On the contrary, it is people who know their viewpoints are weak or dishonest, who try to protect them with censorship. If the Biden administration was sure about the correctness of its medical and other positions, or wanted to ensure it arrived at the best positions, it would welcome challenges to them. The Biden administration’s claims about misinformation, is therefore nothing more than protection for its phony narratives, it knows would fall apart, if they were subject to intellectual challenges.

Patmore Douglas 7/21/2021 8:59:00 PM

When the Left are in an underdog position, they plead victimization and human rights. When the Left are in a superior position, they act as authoritarians and ram rod their policies down everyone’s throat. In this video between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ben Shapiro, it is not that Tyson is being magnanimous, rational, and fair, it is that he realizes his position is politically weak, and he is trying to convince Shapiro and the rest of American society, to accept it. Americans should not.

Transgenderism is not just about transgenderism: it is about whether our society and courts will put the subjective views of a privileged few, over objective reality, and the subjective views of the majority. That is what the acceptance of transgender policies mean. A privileged (mentally ill) minority, have a view of themselves that flies in the face of objective reality, as well as the subjective views of the rest of society, and all of society is compelled to live under the supremacy of the minority’s views. This is a violation of Americans’ 1st Amendment rights, as well the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The notion that the denial of transgender policies is inhumane, is nothing more than a play on human emotions, in order to obtain a political end. Transgenders can think whatever they want: they just don’t have the right impose their thoughts or beliefs on the rest of society, anymore than a Joe Schmoe who thinks he is the true quarterback for the New England Patriots, has the right to displace the team’s real star quarterback, and play on the team.

Patmore Douglas 7/18/2021 1:57:00 PM

"Give me liberty, or give me death" means that liberty is more highly regarded than life in free societies. The fact that we go to war and die for liberty, underscores that point as well.

Tyrants go after and destroy freedom, under different guises – including the guise of caring for life.  We saw that plainly after March 2020, when Democrat politicians used the pandemic to usurp individual freedoms, in the name of saving lives. Democrat politicians generally failed to protect the vulnerable population from COVID-19 (by subjecting them to voluntary quarantines) but instead, used their high death rates, as a pretext to strip the rest of their populations, of their liberties.

When you see your liberties being stripped away, and the entity doing the stripping saying it is for your, or someone else’s own good, be very wary. If your freedoms continue to decrease over the course of weeks or longer, chances are you dealing with one or more tyrants, and you will have to fight them to reclaim your liberty.

Patmore Douglas 7/16/2021 7:16:00 PM

When the Left want to destroy an aspect of society, they cloak their actions under a noble sounding effort. Currently the Left are destroying aspects of western society, under the banner of ‘social justice’. Climate change, is the Left’s cover to destroy western society’s energy industry: the industry that powers just about all other industries. If western energy industry goes, it will lead to a catastrophic societal and economic collapse, which will in turn lead to mass deaths. (We are talking about hundreds of millions, if not billions of people dying.)  LGBT social justice, is meant to decimate the family unit – the foundational human structure of western civilization. Bringing ‘social justice’ to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is meant to destroy these disciplines in western society, ushering in western society’s collapse, as western society would no longer be able to build anything, or objectively manipulate its environment.

Western society’s citizens need to recognize the malevolence of the Left, and do something about it. Be particularly wary of trying to act through established political and other organizations: it is likely they have been infiltrated by the Left, and will not do anything to stop them.

Patmore Douglas 7/14/2021 8:53:00 AM

Any senior black person in the Democrat party, who asserts that whites are racists, should not be taken seriously. The person is either utterly stupid, or utterly deceptive - probably both. The Democrat party, by virtue of its track record, is the most racist institution, in the history of America. To denounce racism from the platform of the Democrat party, is like a henchman in the mob, denouncing organized crime. This fake moral indignation from actors associated with the historically and current racist Democrat party, is just these actors trying to undermine the moral stature of the United States, and delegitimize its existence. It is a key part of the Left’s current Marxist takeover of America. When someone from the Left lectures someone else about racism, the lectured individual should say, “Why is someone from the most racist institution in America [the Democrat party], lecturing me about racism? That is like an axe murderer lecturing a jaywalker about morality.”

Patmore Douglas 7/10/2021 6:34:00 PM