The following is in response to this video about the Left’s effort at grooming children.

I believe conservatives need to stop accepting the 'moral' standards of the Left. The Left have rebranded age-old licentiousness as LGBT ideology and lifestyles, and I believe conservatives need to spell out how these behaviors are harmful to individuals and society at large, and repudiate them.

Virtually all LGBT behaviors displace opportunities for procreation, and encourage indulgence in base passions or behaviors, at the expense of self-control. Morality is predicated on self-control: therefore if people, children in particular, are conditioned not to have self-control, but instead chase their base passions, this makes it next to impossible for them to lead moral lives. Without morality, society falls apart, because trust, honor, responsibility, etc. (which are all acts of morality predicated on self-control) become greatly diminished, or eliminated. So LGBT behaviors actually pose a very real threat to society, because they undercut procreation, as well as the moral fiber of society, which are necessary for society to exist.

Note in addition to above, the best standard of morality is based on Judeo-Christian values or natural law. An examination of the most successful civilizations over the course of millennia, show this to be true. LGBT behaviors are antithetical to the best standard of morality, which further discredits LGBT behaviors. Don’t believe me? Compare Rome at the time of LGBT Caligula (Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (31 August 12 – 24 January 41)) to America at its founding, with its Christian fathers like Thomas Jefferson. Which society was objectively more moral under these two sets of leaders?

Patmore Douglas 7/5/2022 9:04:00 AM

Prices are soaring, not because of ineptitude, but because of deliberate, subversive action on the part of the Biden administration. The Biden administration has acted in ways that precisely undercut the supply of energy in the United States (from eliminating massive oil and gas leases [also see here], to shutting down pipelines, to adding unreasonable cost in the way of massive regulations, to threatening the profits of energy companies - disincentivizing them from investing and producing more energy). The fact that the hits against the U.S. energy sector are precise and well placed, and not haphazard, or inconsistent, points to the virtual certainty that they are acts of sabotage. Further, the fact that the Biden administration’s ‘green’ energy effort does not seriously consider nuclear energy (the cleanest, most reliable form of ‘green’ energy) but only solar and wind, which are by definition unreliable, and cannot be used to run an economy; means that the Biden administration is setting up America to be destroyed, by transitioning from a tried and true energy sector, to one which cannot possibly work.

Quite simply, America is being bamboozled by the Biden administration. The Biden administration is destroying America, by destroying its energy sector. (Without energy, the U.S. economy will become destroyed – as virtually everything in our economy, runs on energy. The Biden administration is also attempting to destroy the fabric of American society, by destroying the minds of American children with LGBT ideology, CRT, etc. The Biden administration through its allies, are also destroying America by encouraging crime, attacking the nuclear family, etc.) If people ask what the Biden administration is doing, it will simply claim that it is transitioning America to having a green economy. The only problem is that this is a rouse. A green economy based on solar and wind energy cannot possibly work, because solar and wind energy are unreliable, and cannot sustain an economy.

Patmore Douglas 6/11/2022 1:31:00 PM

The following is in response to this Rising video.

Most Americans will not give up their right and capacity to defend themselves against tyrants (kind of like the senile one that is now occupying the White House, who is trying to crash the economy, and destroy our nation). Further, Blue states have the most gun laws, and also by far, the most gun violence. This underscores the point that illicit gun violence is a moral and mental health issue, not a gun issue.

Those on the Left can't be teaching children to forsake natural/Biblical law, and pursue their base / immoral instincts, and not expect bad outcomes. Here is an astonishing fact: if you teach kids immorality (particularly unnatural immorality, like boys dressing up in dresses) they will act in immoral fashion, and you will unleash depravity like you have never seen, because you have conditioned children to establish no checks over their base behavior. The above will cause children’s base behavior (the very dark side of humanity) to grow out of control, and lead to the devolution of our society. Remember, morality is about exhibiting checks and balances over our behavior (using our minds and other faculties), and not pursuing acts, merely because they feel good.

"Do what thou wilt" is the command that underscores the leaders of the Left. It is the chief command from the Satanist Aleister Crowley. This command is a pathway to unimaginable depravity, and it is what is being taught to children in schools, as part of the LGBT agenda. Those on the Left who follow their leaders, should do so very carefully. Left leaders aren’t just political adversaries of the Right, they are extremely evil – and now more and more, the world is seeing who they really are.

Patmore Douglas 5/28/2022 6:10:00 PM

The Left are on a fervent mission, to absolutely corrupt the children of America, through the use of LGBT ideology. The Left contend, that all forms of love are the same. An empirical observation of human behavior however disputes this, and shows that a society that adheres to traditional gender roles, as well as natural human behavior, are the best performing; and have the happiest, most stable individual men and women.

Patmore Douglas 5/23/2022 9:50:00 PM

The following is commentary on this Rising video.

Yet another indicator that the Ukraine War coverage is a psyop (like the COVID-19 coverage) - not regular news. Whenever you go up against a psyop, the Left attack you in order to help preserve it. The Biden administration's new Ministry of Truth, is probably an effort to offer more sophisticated support to their narratives/psyops.

As for the Right going against freedom of speech back in the 70s and thereabouts. That had to do with pornography, and expressions of profanity in art. The Right was also against the propagation of Communism in society. At least the Right was trying to defend against the propagation of morally negative ideas, that objectively do real harm to society. The Left on the other hand have fought for the propagation of morally reprehensible ideas, and against ideas that challenged them. Also the scales of the attacks are different. The Right fought against relatively small (though influential) interest groups, while the Left have fought against a huge spectrum of our society.

Patmore Douglas 5/4/2022 4:57:00 AM

There are two points I would like to make about Alan Dershowitz’s comments about a federal judge’s suspension of the CDC mask mandate. Dershowitz believes that masks substantially prevent the transmission of COVID-19. The CDC has yet to provide credible studies that prove that masks prevent the transmission of COVID-19. On the contrary, there are at least tens of well conducted studies, that show that masks are ineffective at stopping the transmission of COVID-19. These studies render the CDC mask mandate, arbitrary and capricious.

Dershowitz says rights are a balancing act. Some people have the right to not wear masks, others have the right to not be breathed upon by those who could give them COVID. What about the scenario of highly immunocompromised individuals wanting to go about and live normally in society? Do these miniscule numbered individuals have a right to compel the rest of society to wear masks (or even hazmat suits) so that no one breathes on them, imperiling their health? Or doesn’t the rest of society have a right to live normally, and it is up to these individuals to cope with the dangers, a normally functioning society poses to them? Further, why shouldn’t this principle be extended to the management of COVID-19, given that for most people, COVID-19 is not a threat?

Then there is the matter that everyone’s rights must be stripped away, because of the mere possibility someone may pose a threat to others. Probability is not factored in, where you might say, because someone is showing symptoms of having COVID-19, it is best he is asked to stay home until his symptoms go away, otherwise, he has a right to live his life normally. It is like the court setting the bail for someone who has a record of being an upstanding citizen, and is no flight risk at all, the same amount as a serial perpetrator of serious crimes.

The courts seem to live in this ivory tower, where there are no bad actors, and that there is no necessity for laws to be interpreted in ways that make it difficult for those with anti-democratic intent, to succeed. Courts should be far more skeptical of entities taking onto themselves a great deal of power in a crisis, and should be biased toward adopting alternative solutions, that less negatively impact citizens’ rights and their liberties, in a broad way.

Is Dershowitz aware of the near 100% recovery rate of COVID-19 patients, supplied with early treatments of therapeutic cocktails (that often include Ivermectin) – making COVID-19 far less deadly to those who receive them? What this means, is that the government inflated the risks COVID-19 posed, and allowed many people to die, for political purposes. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t need to be scary as it seemed – necessitating mandates. The federal government could have pushed for early treatment of COVID-19 with the use of therapeutics, and life in America could have returned to normal very quickly, and most of the people who died of COVID-19, would have survived.

Patmore Douglas 4/25/2022 11:18:00 PM

There are a couple of points I woiuld like to make regarding this Rising video. First of all, no one should call Islam an Abrahamic religion. IT IS NOT. ISLAM IS A PAGAN RELIGION, that pretends to be Abrahamic. The countless atrocities perpetrated by Islam during its 1400 years of existence, attests to this fact. By that I mean the mass beheadings, both male and female genital mutilations done en masse, etc. attest to the true, horrendous nature of the Islam. No other religion has exhibited grotesque evil on a massive scale, as large as Islam, throughout world history.

Regarding the Palestinians vs. Israelis conflict: context should be established before a person makes his or her point about the matter. Palestinians embrace the Islam religion, and their actions reflect the religion's nature. Palestinians wish for the extinction of Israel, and will not rest until they find a way to do so. Palestinians have attacked Israelis with rockets, military incursions, as well as organized crime hits, for decades. Palestinians use their own children as human shields against attacks from Israel. The fact that Israelis got frustrated with Palestinians murdering their citizens recently in an apparently organized way, hardly means that Israelis are the overall bad guys. Finally, Palestinians have no wish to leave peaceably with Israel. The above are why Israel seems so heavy handed at times, when it comes to dealing with the Palestinians.

Patmore Douglas 4/21/2022 1:48:00 PM

One simple indicator that transgender ideology is bad, is that its promulgation has resulted in an explosion (of over 4,000% in the UK) of young people who identify as transgender. The promotion of transgender ideology (which enables and popularizes serious forms of mental illness – including gender dysphoria) is therefore highly detrimental to society, rather than beneficial. How can anyone call the advancement of a philosophy that causes significant net harm to society by large amounts, beneficial, when its effects are consistent with those of psychological warfare? Further, transgender ideology strikes me as being a form of mass formation psychosis, meant to pull society away from thinking in ways that are aligned with reality, so that people’s thinking can be more easily manipulated, by those with an agenda.

Patmore Douglas 4/14/2022 6:46:00 AM

People should not be deceived by the Left regarding transgender ideology. Transgender ideology is about the political enablement of a class of psychiatric disorders, and seeks to hinder their cure – not facilitate them. In other words, transgender ideology is about ensuring that those who suffer from gender dysphoria and related psychiatric disorders, remain in their disorders, and sink deeper into them. Stated another way: transgender ideology is not about curing anyone, or bringing the sick closer to health: it is about preventing this from happening, and ensuring those afflicted with the psychiatric disorders get worse, by creating a society that rewards people who suffer from the maladies with special privileges.   

The Left frame their promulgation of transgender ideology as compassion, and call it social justice. By focusing on the feelings and perspectives of the related class of psychotic individuals, the Left suggest denying them what they want, is a Civil Rights violation. The Right and the rest of society needs to say, isn’t justice about coming to a solution that is fair to everyone – not just to one group of people? If a group of people think they are something they are not, and the rest of society disagrees, and the view of the rest of society is objectively true, how can the courts rule in favor of the group of psychotic individuals? For the courts to rule in favor of gender psychotics, it must say that all rulings before in the history of this country, that were based on objective truths, can be called into question. The courts must say as well, that the 1st Amendment rights of gender psychotics, supersede the 1st Amendment rights of the rest of society.

Remember, the historical solution to gender dysphoria was never its enablement (which is what transgender ideology does): it was about bringing patients back to reality. That is how psychiatry has cured every other delusional individual. That is what psychiatry needs to return doing, when it comes to dealing with gender dysphoria and related disorders.

Patmore Douglas 4/1/2022 3:41:00 PM

Fox News has been worse now, than on the night of the 2020 elections, and this just confirms the globalists' control of at least the news portion of the organization. How does Fox News forego round the clock coverage of our southern border, for a border war in the Ukraine? I believe this indicates that Fox News is being (at least partially) controlled by people who have an interest in conservatives & others, being distracted from the egregious invasion taking place at our southern border. Why do I believe this? Because Fox News would have greater ratings, and see far greater loyalty, if they covered round the clock, the invasion taking place at our southern border, rather than the Ukrainian war.

In addition to above, I'm pretty sure Zelenskyy (who is a globalist operative) is being pressured to prolong the war, by not accepting Putin's neutrality deal, which is of course resulting in his countrymen being killed by the Russians. So you can see how the globalists are influencing the Ukrainian war, as well as coverage of it, towards their own ends.

What you are seeing on Fox News now, is full participation in an actual globalist psyop against the American people, that is meant to distract us from the catastrophes started by the Biden administration, and to psychologically manipulate us into accepting attacks by the Biden administration on our energy industry (the lifeblood of all modern economies) and Putin’s retaliatory measures affecting our food supply. (E.g. the Biden administration is using the Ukrainian war to justify further constricting Americans’ energy supply, which is lowering our standard of living, at an increasing pace.)

The globalists have been trying to figure out how to get western populations to accept a series of events that precipitate their Great Reset program, which is meant to decimate western economies. They tried it with the COVID pandemic with only partial success; now they are trying to do the same using the Ukraine / Russia war.

No one should fall for the suggestion that Chris Wallace’s exit from Fox News, marks the end of the globalists’ influence at the news organization. The Fox News’ Ukraine war ‘coverage’, proves that the opposite is true.

Patmore Douglas 4/1/2022 7:58:00 AM