LGBT Ideology introduces highly damaging levels of inefficiencies and maladies to society

The Left are on a fervent mission, to absolutely corrupt the children of America, through the use of LGBT ideology. The Left contend, that all forms of love are the same. An empirical observation of human behavior however disputes this, and shows that a society that adheres to traditional gender roles, as well as natural human behavior, are the best performing; and have the happiest, most stable individual men and women.

Patmore Douglas 5/23/2022 9:50:00 PM

What makes an organization of any kind run well, is efficiency. E.g. a car (a mechanical organization of parts) must burn fuel efficiently. The car must also run, turn, brake, etc. efficiently. If the car loses efficiency, it no longer becomes worthy of driving. It becomes too costly, too slow, and too cumbersome to drive, and cannot compete with other cars. The LGBT agenda adds extraneous inefficiencies to society. For example, by promoting gender confusion, LGBT ideology threatens to drastically decrease the efficiency at which America and western societies reproduce, which would make our societies unsustainable and collapse - because there would not be enough young people born under the ideology to support them. Adoption of LGBT ideology (leading to decreased reproduction) would result in less people to man jobs, less taxes paid to support the older generation, as well as less caregivers to support the older generation. There would be less young men available to defend our country from our enemies; less young men available to establish law and order; less young men available to build and maintain the country’s infrastructures, buildings, houses, new technologies, etc.

Men and women who assume traditional gender roles, are the closest things to optimal human beings. They are more psychologically stable (and hence more reliable). (Transgenderism is by definition, a form of mental illness. See here about the psychological and negative behavioral issues, that disproportionately affect LGBT individuals.)

Traditional men, have the most testosterone, and the best attuned behaviors and psychological makeup, to fulfill critical roles like soldiering (to defend our nation from aggressors); law enforcement; rescue; construction; maintenance; etc. If we transition our society to become more LGBT (in particular, transgender) as the Left are trying to do by conditioning America’s children, far less optimal individuals will be available to fulfill critical roles, making us significantly less capable of defending ourselves, and adequately running our society. So not only will the LGBT agenda result in a collapse of western populations: many of the new generations of citizens, will be less capable of defending and running our countries.

Then there is the matter of societal makeup: men and women occupying traditional gender roles, make the most stable, happy families. Children from these families have the least amount of psychological and behavioral issues. Traditional families have formed the bedrock of western civilization for centuries. Broken families from heterosexual couples, have a number of issues, including the dramatically increased likelihood of incarceration of the couples’ children. Unions from transgenders will likely last very briefly, and of the few of those who reproduce, you should expect to see a grave exacerbation of psychological and behavioral issues among their offspring (when compared to the children of heterosexual couples). (See 11:37 into this video.) Displacing traditional couples will also threaten the cohesion of society.

Quite frankly, if you wanted to decimate a society from within, you would push it to adopt the LGBT agenda, of conditioning children to adopt LGBT behaviors. Therefore not only is the LGBT agenda harmful: it forms an existential threat to western society. Don’t believe me? How many long lasting societies do you see operating now, or in the past, adopted anything close to the LGBT agenda? Historically, when any society adopted something close to the LGBT agenda, they have been wiped out of existence in relatively short order!

Ordinary Americans should tell their children not to believe the claim by the Left, that love is love, and that one kind of intimate relationship, is as good as the next. Individuals and society do best, with the most amount of people assuming traditional gender roles. Our society is most secure (this is true for women in particular) and is most psychologically and behaviorally happy and stable, when men and women assume traditional gender roles. The more you stray from this natural structural order, the more your individual life gets worse - as well as the health of society in general. The Bible, which provides God’s moral law, is not a book of extraneous rules. The Bible provides a practical set of rules, that allow society to do well and prosper over vast periods of time, when followed. These same rules can be discerned by observing the laws of nature (natural law) as they pertain to human behavior (Romans 1:18-19). Therefore, learn from history, and follow Judeo-Christian edicts as best you can, in order to prosper and do well. Else ignore history, and suffer the consequences of others who have ignored history throughout the ages.