The Left sabotaging the lives of minorities, to make the case for systemic racism

The best performing students in the U.S. are minorities (Asians). The worst performing students in the U.S. are also minorities (Blacks and Hispanics). Whites are actually in the middle. But the Left selectively show data, that promulgates their fake narrative, that minorities are held back because of general / systemic racism. The truth of the matter is that some minorities are being held back, through the denial of school choice, as well as the targeted moral degradation of their communities - in conjunction with government dependency  programs. So who are sabotaging Blacks and Hispanics? In which schools and districts are Blacks and Hispanics underperforming the most? Democrat districts. You will also find the Left control much of the media Blacks and Hispanics listen to and watch, and therefore have an extremely disproportionately high level of influence on their culture, which is in turn highly impactful on shaping of the moral characters of children, who aren’t in families, in these communities.

So on careful examination, you will see that the political party that condemns America for racism, is the one sabotaging the lives of minorities, in order to hold up their failed lives, as evidence of racism. It is a scam!

The above also explains why the Left are annoyed with Asians. Asians’ performance over Whites, undercuts the Left’s narrative, that minorities cannot succeed, unless society is altered (in ways prescribed by them) so that this can happen.

Patmore Douglas 5/23/2021 11:15:00 AM