How Democrats keep Blacks down

Democrats undermine the lives of Blacks via two means: demoralization and government dependency.


The Left weaken the culture of Blacks, by conditioning the demographic to think that America is out to get them, and that trying to advance through society through diligence and hard work, is futile and foolish. For example, when Democrats announce that America suffers from systemic racism, that is part of the conditioning of Blacks to develop a state of helplessness. In addition to above, Democrats push rappers, and left-wing athletes, celebrities, and activists, to be the heroes of Blacks, rather than apolitical, accomplished men and women, like Justice Clarence Thomas. The Left often push individuals of questionable character (like rappers and activists with criminal or dubious moral backgrounds) instead of people who are morally upstanding, and have a track record that is far more attainable than an athlete or a celebrity. The ethic of forming a tried and true traditional family is also severely diminished, and now relationships are promoted which give short term pleasure, and long term dissatisfaction – rather than long term accomplishment.

Government Dependency

Government assistance is a double-edged sword. It can be an invaluable tool to help individuals in times of crises; but it can also be used to support bad, undermining, or self-destructive behavior. The less ethics a person has, the more negative government assistance can be to them. For example, a person with strong ethics would likely use a large monetary gift, to go to a school or invest in a company, so that the gift would bring back a return. A person with weak ethics would likely use a large monetary gift to spend on immediate, non-critical concerns, or short term pleasure, and not have anything to show for it in the long run. By the Left undermining the culture and ethics of Blacks, as well as the formation of families, they ensure that many Blacks are mired in their immediate concerns, never developing lofty ambitions, and working towards achieving them.

Patmore Douglas 8/23/2020 8:08:00 PM