The Biden administration’s subversive war on the U.S. energy sector

Prices are soaring, not because of ineptitude, but because of deliberate, subversive action on the part of the Biden administration. The Biden administration has acted in ways that precisely undercut the supply of energy in the United States (from eliminating massive oil and gas leases [also see here], to shutting down pipelines, to adding unreasonable cost in the way of massive regulations, to threatening the profits of energy companies - disincentivizing them from investing and producing more energy). The fact that the hits against the U.S. energy sector are precise and well placed, and not haphazard, or inconsistent, points to the virtual certainty that they are acts of sabotage. Further, the fact that the Biden administration’s ‘green’ energy effort does not seriously consider nuclear energy (the cleanest, most reliable form of ‘green’ energy) but only solar and wind, which are by definition unreliable, and cannot be used to run an economy; means that the Biden administration is setting up America to be destroyed, by transitioning from a tried and true energy sector, to one which cannot possibly work.

Quite simply, America is being bamboozled by the Biden administration. The Biden administration is destroying America, by destroying its energy sector. (Without energy, the U.S. economy will become destroyed – as virtually everything in our economy, runs on energy. The Biden administration is also attempting to destroy the fabric of American society, by destroying the minds of American children with LGBT ideology, CRT, etc. The Biden administration through its allies, are also destroying America by encouraging crime, attacking the nuclear family, etc.) If people ask what the Biden administration is doing, it will simply claim that it is transitioning America to having a green economy. The only problem is that this is a rouse. A green economy based on solar and wind energy cannot possibly work, because solar and wind energy are unreliable, and cannot sustain an economy.

Patmore Douglas 6/11/2022 1:31:00 PM