Misrepresentation of renewable energy in Texas

This video is a compilation of lies and misleading information. Note the single most important thing about renewable energy:

Renewable energy = Unreliable Energy

You cannot run an economy on unreliable energy: the entire economy will in turn become unreliable, and breakdown. Also, some have suggested, that renewable energy sources be augmented using batteries. This however, is not economically feasible.

Per this article, here is a list of some of the key advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels over renewable energy:


Disadvantages of Renewable Energy Resources

Initial costs for setting up renewable energy plants are often quite high and require careful planning and implementation. Building dams, for example, for hydroelectric power requires high initial capital and high maintenance expenses. Renewable energies like solar and wind require large tracts of land to produce energy quantities competitive with fossil fuel burning. Renewable sources of energy are also affected by weather, reducing their reliability. For example, wind turbines only rotate it there is enough wind at a given speed and solar panels do not operate at night time and are less efficient on cloudy days.


Advantages of Nonrenewable Energy Resources

Fossil fuels are the world's traditional energy sources and electrical power plants, vehicles and various industrial plants are built around using them. Many nonrenewable energies are more reliable than most renewables and are not subject to weather conditions. They provide continuous --not intermittent, weather-dependent -- energy. New technologies, such as carbon, capture and storage (CCS) are emerging that may allow fossil fuel use with less harmful effects to the environment This process captures carbon dioxide (CO2) from electrical and industrial plants and stores it underground instead of releasing it to the atmosphere. The U.S. Department of Energy currently has several CCS projects in place to determine the long-term feasibility of this technology.


Disadvantages of Nonrenewable Energy Resources

Fossil fuels are in a limited supply and will one day be depleted. Processes for extracting and transporting fossil fuels have caused widespread environmental damage from strip mining and accidental oil spills. Most importantly, burning fossil fuels releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, primarily CO2. Incorporating CCS technologies into existing fossil fuel plants to prevent CO2 emissions is extremely costly. Nuclear power plants do not release C02, but pose other risks such as potential radiation leaks and waste storage problems. The costs for building new nuclear power plants have risen sharply making them less economical than other types of power.


The conclusion about CO2 being bad for the environment in the referenced article, is based on politically compromised research, and flies in the face of the fact that C02 is a key foundation of life (food for plants), and the more CO2 we have, the more life we have.

Patmore Douglas 2/20/2021 4:07:00 AM