Economic warfare against the elites

Two of the reasons the Left keep taking over institution after institution in this country (Education, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, cities, etc.) is that they are highly organized, and have been working against the American population, towards that end, for decades. I suspect also that the Left have struck a deal with Republicans to allow them to do so without interference. That is why the Republican party only opposes the Democrats in several key economic areas, and abortion. In virtually every other area, the Republican party does nothing, as well as squashes attempts within the party, to counter the Democrats. I believe it is about time a new conservative party gets formed, to seriously counter the threat by the Left. Anyone would be able to join, and the party would only enter political races it believes it could win, until it hopefully replaces the Republican party, as the de facto party for conservatives.

Patmore Douglas 1/10/2021 9:56:00 PM

A big issue ordinary Americans have, is being targeted and manipulated by the elites politically. The elites work in highly coordinated ways, to dismantle our society and take away our freedoms. Now with the advent of them controlling our three branches of government through the Democrat party, and hence having direct, unrestrained power over us, we have a grave problem. The elites are tyrants (seen among other ways, by the way they deny the free expression of ideas, when these ideas are not aligned with their own). Now these tyrants are going all out to get us.

One might ask the question, is there a way ordinary citizens can fight back? I believe there is. I believe “We the people” need to make a concerted effort to target the wealth of the elites, and deprive them of it. I believe “We the people” should pursue a new world order of our own, to redistribute wealth in such a manner, that antitrust laws or rules are expanded and STRICTLY enforced.

For example: 

  • Only special classes of companies should be allowed to engage in political activism, and the activism they engage in should be required to be transparent and subject to review by the government and independent bodies.
  • Political collusion among companies and other organizations should be strictly prohibited.
  • After reaching a certain size, companies should be forbidden from buying up smaller companies.
  • After reaching a certain size, companies should be forbidden from merging with other companies.
  • [Exemptions can be made for the last two rules, in national interest matters.]
  • Companies should be prohibited from using income from a product or service, to fund another product or service it gives away for free. [This rule makes it virtually impossible for startups to compete against large companies in new areas, because the large companies make it impossible to make money from the new product or service. This is how many tech giants manage to grow virtually unchallenged in so many areas.]
  • Companies should be strictly forbidden from lobbying or influencing politicians, or anyone in the government, over antitrust matters.
  • Companies incorporated in the United States, must give an America First loyalty pledge, similar to the type that new citizens make during naturalization. Any actions on the part of these companies against America, would be regarded as treason, and treated as such.

So how exactly do we war against the elites? I believe we have to do highly organized, targeted boycotts of companies, and make these boycotts be as widescale (e.g. worldwide) and economically devastating as possible. We could enter into agreement with alternate companies to promote and support them, if they bind themselves to a legally, enforceable, version of the aforementioned, antitrust restrictions. (I believe we should also lobby Red States in particular, to adopt the above new antitrust rules.)

Some might say, “Since when have conservatives ever sought to pick the winners and losers in markets?” My reply is, “Since the winners egregiously abused their powers, and now pose a significant threat to our economic wellbeing, as well as our civil liberties.” These winners must be brought down, and new rules established regarding how companies behave.

All the biggest oligarchs and corporations that pose a threat to our wellbeing should be targeted first. This includes Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Facebook, Twitter, and the medical cartel behind the management of COVID-19. Drive users away from these threatening organizations, to alternatives. Also pressure state and foreign governments to take significant injunctive action against them, over antitrust and other matters. Push these organizations’ large user bases (e.g. government agencies) to alternative products and services as well.

Another effective tool we can use against the elites, is to push states to pass laws that protect their citizens’ civil rights. For example, push states to pass laws that make it illegal for a company to discriminate or take punitive action against individuals for speech - particularly when the speech took place outside the organization. Also push states to pass laws that make it illegal for private organizations to discriminate against individuals on the basis of political persuasion.

I believe conservatives should start a new political party, and largely operate from there. I believe the Republican party is compromised, and under the ultimate control of Democrats. For example, the way Mike Pence and other senior establishment Republicans betrayed President Trump, by denying him an opportunity to present evidence of massive voter fraud, as Pence and other establishment Republicans groveled to Democrats, and implored their base to do the same, was a strong indicator (among many) who ultimately calls the shots in the Republican party. Also, Republicans never act against Democrats on social issues. Every Republican who has ever shown an interest in acting against Democrats in this area, fall quiet quickly once they get into office. This happens everywhere in the United States. This has been happening for decades. I believe if someone tries to do another Donald Trump, and reform the Republican party to the benefit of “We the people”, that person will experience a backlash comparable to the one Trump faced, when he was cheated from his presidency, and many establishment Republicans fought against Trump’s vindication.

Some might say that what I’m promoting in the way of organized boycotting, is a double-edge sword. Aside from the fact that the Left have been using organized boycotting against conservatives for a long time, organized boycotting may be one of the most effective swords we have. Besides, if the Left try to intimidate us by boycotting a conservative or other business, we can counter them, by in an organized fashion, encourage everyone to ignore the boycott, and support the business.