Defeating the globalist Left

Globalists (largely in the form of multinational corporations and organizations) are overtaking sovereign nations now, in particular the United States, thwarting the will of the peoples of those nations, and implementing their agenda of worldwide rule and domination. The question is, how can they be stopped? The biggest solution to this problem is to split them up. Break apart the networks they have created, and do not allow them to reform their networks. Do this in the United States, Europe, and across the globe.

Patmore Douglas 3/8/2021 5:57:00 AM

How should conservatives tackle the globalist Left? By religiously observing the principle that a house divided cannot stand. We can alternately call this principle, the separation of powers principle – one of the cornerstones of our Republic. The Left have become a dire threat, because we have allowed them to coalesce into a network of networks, that span not only America, but western civilization and the globe.

When the allies responded to Nazi Germany and Japan during World War 2, the alliance they created was only temporary. The allies created a highly dangerous union of nations, to take on powerful threats. Once those threats were defeated, the alliance was largely scuttled, and only a remnant of the alliance in the form of NATO, remained in its place. This was the proper thing to do. America should have taught its children, “When you see powers coming together for a purpose, become very concerned, and do not rest until you see them torn apart after they have achieved their purpose.”

The American surveillance state; interagency cooperation on the federal level; mainstream media working in tight coordination with one another and smaller media outlets, big tech, the DNC, etc. have turned on America and Americans, and now pose a threat to our liberties. Why did this happen? Because we did not heed the principle of the separation of powers, and only allow the temporary formation of alliances.

The United Nations is also a monumental mistake. It should never have been formed and given the powers it now has. At the most, it should have been a discussion forum, having no real power or authority. Now the UN has become the staging ground and operations center for globalists, who would like to dispatch with nation states, and create their own one world government.

So how do we defeat globalism and the Left? Dismantle them, and keep them separated. One of the most powerful things we can do, is push for state and local laws, outlawing political collusion among most organizations. Nations around the world, should be encouraged to do the same, to counter the threat of multinational organizations operating within their borders, which often have little loyalty to their nations of origin, and are often hostile to them. Target in particular mainstream media outlets, which now operate in tight unison, to act like huge psychological warfare weapons – whipping the public into frenzied emotional states (usually through fear) so that they can be controlled through suggestions and other forms of psychological manipulation, a la Dr. Fauci and Democrat governors. (Note: the 1st Amendment does not give the press the right to act together – particularly to carry out a political agenda, they should be policing in the first place.)

Deny public funds to organizations that act politically – unless the organizations are specifically political organizations, that have transparency requirements, and can be scrutinized by the government and independent watchdog organizations. This includes educational institutions, public radio and TV, and museums.

Commensurate with the principle of one man, one vote, all organizations (from pro-consumer groups to large organizations such as monopolies and multinationals) should be allowed to give only the same limited amount of money when lobbying lawmakers. (For example, Google should not be allowed to give more money than the farmers’ association, when lobbying lawmakers.)

Conservatives should form antitrust, pro-consumer lobbying  groups, to keep the influence of large organizations like monopolies and multinationals in check.

Finally, I believe left-wing organizations should be investigated for treason, sedition, and subversion. Given that the Left now completely run the DOJ and FBI, I am not holding my breath.