A discussion about climate change between Biden and his constituent

Biden, "Yes folks. The greatest threat to America is climate change!”

Constituent, “Climate is the average weather at a location. Hasn’t the average weather at virtually all locations changed over time? For example, haven’t there been multiple ice ages over the course of the history of the earth? Haven’t there also been corresponding warming periods over the course of the history of the earth? What is your basis for thinking that the current warming period is not due to the usual natural processes that have changed the average temperature of the earth since its birth?

Now, even if you can point to research that underscores your claims of man made climate change, doesn’t the fact that your past predictions of calamities (almost all of which did not come true) show that your research is actually incapable of predicting changes in climate? Now if you do not possess a provable means of predicting changes in climate, why should we believe your current claims about impending catastrophic changes in climate? Further, why is the only solution to climate change, the implementation of your socialist agenda? Doesn’t that seem a little too opportunistic?

President Biden, you have lied about just about everything so far. I find your claim about climate change being an existential threat to America, to be absurd on its face, and a total lie when the matter is examined closely.”

Patmore Douglas 6/10/2021 9:41:00 AM