If conservatives really want to be able to sue big tech, I believe they should pass a law making it illegal within a Red state (Florida for example), to discriminate against someone on the basis of political persuasion or viewpoint. The state should also pass a freedom of speech law, that mirrors the 1st Amendment, that applies to all organizations - including private ones. Conservative writers, influencers, etc. should then move to that state, and open shop on big tech. Remember, discrimination against conservatives, and violations of the 1st Amendment, don’t just happen with popular big tech: they happen with banks, ISPs, and several other classes of businesses. The above approach allows conservatives to sue and bring down big tech in state courts. The above also destroys Cancel Culture. 

If the above is multiplied across all Red states, we can bring big tech, and other oligarch multinationals to their knees. Also pass an antitrust law, that bans political collusion, among the vast majority of organizations. This will break up globalism within Red states.

Patmore Douglas 5/19/2021 3:18:00 PM