More defense of the Left's narratives, by fascist companies, and differences between the Left and the Right when it comes to freedom of speech

The following is commentary on this Rising video.

Yet another indicator that the Ukraine War coverage is a psyop (like the COVID-19 coverage) - not regular news. Whenever you go up against a psyop, the Left attack you in order to help preserve it. The Biden administration's new Ministry of Truth, is probably an effort to offer more sophisticated support to their narratives/psyops.

As for the Right going against freedom of speech back in the 70s and thereabouts. That had to do with pornography, and expressions of profanity in art. The Right was also against the propagation of Communism in society. At least the Right was trying to defend against the propagation of morally negative ideas, that objectively do real harm to society. The Left on the other hand have fought for the propagation of morally reprehensible ideas, and against ideas that challenged them. Also the scales of the attacks are different. The Right fought against relatively small (though influential) interest groups, while the Left have fought against a huge spectrum of our society.

Patmore Douglas 5/4/2022 4:57:00 AM