Context regarding Israel’s recent treatment of Palestinians

There are a couple of points I woiuld like to make regarding this Rising video. First of all, no one should call Islam an Abrahamic religion. IT IS NOT. ISLAM IS A PAGAN RELIGION, that pretends to be Abrahamic. The countless atrocities perpetrated by Islam during its 1400 years of existence, attests to this fact. By that I mean the mass beheadings, both male and female genital mutilations done en masse, etc. attest to the true, horrendous nature of the Islam. No other religion has exhibited grotesque evil on a massive scale, as large as Islam, throughout world history.

Regarding the Palestinians vs. Israelis conflict: context should be established before a person makes his or her point about the matter. Palestinians embrace the Islam religion, and their actions reflect the religion's nature. Palestinians wish for the extinction of Israel, and will not rest until they find a way to do so. Palestinians have attacked Israelis with rockets, military incursions, as well as organized crime hits, for decades. Palestinians use their own children as human shields against attacks from Israel. The fact that Israelis got frustrated with Palestinians murdering their citizens recently in an apparently organized way, hardly means that Israelis are the overall bad guys. Finally, Palestinians have no wish to leave peaceably with Israel. The above are why Israel seems so heavy handed at times, when it comes to dealing with the Palestinians.

Patmore Douglas 4/21/2022 1:48:00 PM