Transgender ideology seeks to worsen psychiatric disorders, not make patients better

People should not be deceived by the Left regarding transgender ideology. Transgender ideology is about the political enablement of a class of psychiatric disorders, and seeks to hinder their cure – not facilitate them. In other words, transgender ideology is about ensuring that those who suffer from gender dysphoria and related psychiatric disorders, remain in their disorders, and sink deeper into them. Stated another way: transgender ideology is not about curing anyone, or bringing the sick closer to health: it is about preventing this from happening, and ensuring those afflicted with the psychiatric disorders get worse, by creating a society that rewards people who suffer from the maladies with special privileges.   

The Left frame their promulgation of transgender ideology as compassion, and call it social justice. By focusing on the feelings and perspectives of the related class of psychotic individuals, the Left suggest denying them what they want, is a Civil Rights violation. The Right and the rest of society needs to say, isn’t justice about coming to a solution that is fair to everyone – not just to one group of people? If a group of people think they are something they are not, and the rest of society disagrees, and the view of the rest of society is objectively true, how can the courts rule in favor of the group of psychotic individuals? For the courts to rule in favor of gender psychotics, it must say that all rulings before in the history of this country, that were based on objective truths, can be called into question. The courts must say as well, that the 1st Amendment rights of gender psychotics, supersede the 1st Amendment rights of the rest of society.

Remember, the historical solution to gender dysphoria was never its enablement (which is what transgender ideology does): it was about bringing patients back to reality. That is how psychiatry has cured every other delusional individual. That is what psychiatry needs to return doing, when it comes to dealing with gender dysphoria and related disorders.

Patmore Douglas 4/1/2022 3:41:00 PM