Fox News’ participation in the Ukraine war coverage / psyop

Fox News has been worse now, than on the night of the 2020 elections, and this just confirms the globalists' control of at least the news portion of the organization. How does Fox News forego round the clock coverage of our southern border, for a border war in the Ukraine? I believe this indicates that Fox News is being (at least partially) controlled by people who have an interest in conservatives & others, being distracted from the egregious invasion taking place at our southern border. Why do I believe this? Because Fox News would have greater ratings, and see far greater loyalty, if they covered round the clock, the invasion taking place at our southern border, rather than the Ukrainian war.

In addition to above, I'm pretty sure Zelenskyy (who is a globalist operative) is being pressured to prolong the war, by not accepting Putin's neutrality deal, which is of course resulting in his countrymen being killed by the Russians. So you can see how the globalists are influencing the Ukrainian war, as well as coverage of it, towards their own ends.

What you are seeing on Fox News now, is full participation in an actual globalist psyop against the American people, that is meant to distract us from the catastrophes started by the Biden administration, and to psychologically manipulate us into accepting attacks by the Biden administration on our energy industry (the lifeblood of all modern economies) and Putin’s retaliatory measures affecting our food supply. (E.g. the Biden administration is using the Ukrainian war to justify further constricting Americans’ energy supply, which is lowering our standard of living, at an increasing pace.)

The globalists have been trying to figure out how to get western populations to accept a series of events that precipitate their Great Reset program, which is meant to decimate western economies. They tried it with the COVID pandemic with only partial success; now they are trying to do the same using the Ukraine / Russia war.

No one should fall for the suggestion that Chris Wallace’s exit from Fox News, marks the end of the globalists’ influence at the news organization. The Fox News’ Ukraine war ‘coverage’, proves that the opposite is true.

Patmore Douglas 4/1/2022 7:58:00 AM