Doctors and States, should sue Big Pharma and it’s allies

I believe the consortium of doctors and other scientists who have been fighting vaccine mandates, pushing for the early treatment of significant COVID-19 illness with therapeutics, etc., should try and join with states, to now force the thorough discovery of test and other vaccine data, from vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, and other federal medical bureaucracies. Sue big pharma, and expose them working with the federal medical bureaucracy, mainstream media, big tech and others, to suppress vaccine adverse reaction and death data, and also early treatment protocols using therapeutics such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and even Monoclonal Antibody.

I believe a group of states should investigate and launch (in consultation with the consortium of doctors) a series of lawsuits alleging fraud and other wrongdoings, and create the foundation of possibly the largest class action lawsuit, in U.S. history, over COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths.

Patmore Douglas 3/5/2022 6:42:00 PM