The Left’s blatant play at American racism 2.0

Note the trailer to this blatantly racist show which is supposed to play on cable.

Conservatives need to start saying the problem was never with Whites: the problem was with Liberal Whites, aka, the Democrat party. It was Liberal Whites who enslaved Blacks; it was Conservative Christian Whites, who fought and died to set Blacks free. It was Liberal Whites (Democrats) who ruled under the banner of White Supremacy for decades in the South; had Jim Crow laws; the KKK, the lynching of Blacks, etc. It was Conservative Christian Whites, who pushed for the 13th Amendment to ban slavery, etc. It was Liberal Whites in blue states who were masking everyone, including children - even though there was no scientific justification for it. It was Liberal Whites who were pushing lockdowns, censorship, forced injections of experimental vaccines onto everyone, discrimination against the unvaccinated, etc. It was Conservative Christian Whites and others, who fought to reverse these things.

Minorities should not fall for the serpentine words of the Left. Bad behavior is determined by what you believe, and what your values are. The sins by Whites of old were done by those who were godless, unprincipled, and those who placed worldly accomplishments, above common human decency. These are the refrain seen among all immoral peoples of varying physical characteristics, throughout history. The above is the main lesson of the Good Samaritan. The above is partly why Martin Luther King Jr. said the following:

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

The Left are a malevolent bunch, who pretend to be otherwise, and are trying to drive us back to the pre-civil rights era, in order to divide us, so they can win elections, and maintain political power. No one should fall for what the Left are doing. 

Patmore Douglas 2/11/2022 7:31:00 AM