Reframing the conversation around gender psychosis

I believe conservatives should stop using the term 'trans'. Using the Left's term, allows the Left to frame the conversation about those suffering from gender dysphoria, in an emotional light, that paints them as victims. Conservatives should always be mindful to reframe arguments by the Left, in ways that are beneficial to Conservatives and society at large, so as to gain the upper hand during such arguments. I believe Conservatives should start calling those who see themselves as being of a gender other than what they are objectively, gender psychotics, or gender confused. Make it a point when arguing gender psychological issues, to always re-focus the conversation away from emotion, back to objective truths. Conservatives should for example be arguing in front of a judge, “What a person feels is irrelevant. In a rent dispute, do we go by how the renter or a tenant feels? Or do we go by objective facts? Then why are we not going by objective facts in this case? If a person thinks he is something he is objectively not, this means he is psychotic, and the proper thing to do, is to recommend he gets treated, so that he can recognize the reality of his situation. Going along with a person’s delusions, ultimately helps neither the person, nor those around him. A person’s delusions are not true, and hence are a lie. When has living according to a lie ever been profitable, and living according to the truth been worse? We are here for you to arbitrate whether to let a man compete in women’s sport. The guy is objectively a man, which disqualifies him automatically from women’s sports. There should be no complication. If we were here about evicting a tenant from a house, and the tenant thought he owned the house, would you even consider letting the tenant remain in the house, because he suffers from a psychosis? No! You would order the tenant leave the house, and recommend he obtain psychiatric care. Why aren’t you doing essentially the same thing here? Why aren’t you ordering that a man cannot play in women’s sports, because his (real/objective) gender disqualifies him? Regarding his psychosis, shouldn’t you recommend he should seek out psychiatric care, to address his psychological confusion?”

Patmore Douglas 1/31/2022 12:53:00 AM