MSM is the enemy of the people – far more than people realize

Mainstream media (MSM) waged a psychological war against the American people over the last 2 years, with its non-stop fear campaign. As a result, it has screwed up vast amounts of people's lives economically and medically.

MSM is an extremely hostile force living amongst the American people, and many do not see it. MSM is much more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat party: it is a weapon of mass harm against the American people. One example of its negative impact, is the way it induced in a highly coordinated way, a vast portion of the U.S. population, to take experimental vaccines, without asking any questions about adverse events, and about how the vaccines are by far the most lethal an injurious in U.S. history.

Patmore Douglas 1/4/2022 12:08:00 PM