The CDC's current strategy, ensures that Herd Immunity is never reached

Do people realize that herd immunity can never be achieved with the broad use of the COVID-19 vaccines, because COVID-19 vaccines do not stop those who have received them, from spreading the virus? Instead, herd immunity can only be achieved through NATURAL IMMUNITY. So instead of the CDC recommending the use of (low cost) therapeutics, when someone has a significant case of COVID-19, and in so doing, develop natural immunity with the rest of the population that gets infected by the virus, they recommend an approach that all but guarantees we will never achieve herd immunity, and that we will be permanently afflicted with the virus. I have never seen such malevolence coming from a medical bureaucracy in all my life. Smaller news outlets and states should universally rebuke the CDC and the rest of the federal medical bureaucracy, and states should order their hospitals to start treating their patients suffering from significant cases of COVID-19, with therapeutics. COVID-19 effectively ends, when we have herd immunity, and that is achieved, when we have a large enough portion of the population, achieving NATURAL IMMUNITY. HERD IMMUNITY on the other hand CANNOT BE ACHIEVED, via the current VACCINE strategy we are using.

Patmore Douglas 11/15/2021 11:56:00 PM