Who is running the White House?

Some people, without a lot of thought, believe that Joe Biden runs the White House. They think that, because lots of times when they see and hear him speak, he speaks with some level of coherency, and intelligence. However, they do not try and square away: the times when he speaks incoherently, or seem too tired to read off of a supplied teleprompter; the fact that he is not allowed to speak off the cuff by someone or some group of people in the White House; and his time made available to the public, is tightly controlled and consistently limited. When all the above considerations are factored together, the best explanation, I believe, is that Joe Biden is a front man for another individual or group, that is actually running the White House.

I believe the White House is currently being run by a cabal of billionaire oligarchs. I believe they include Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Mike Bloomberg. These men are setting the policies of the Biden administration, and ensuring that their globalist agenda is being pursued. They are doing high level strategizing and tactical maneuverings for the White House, as well as ensuring that the White House responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, in a way that is harmonious with how other western democracies are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. (The cabal is doing all of the above, through the agency of left-wing ideologs.)

One way you know that the White House is not being run by a government worker, is the speed and efficiency at which it is moving. No experienced politician like Joe Biden, has ever moved as quickly as the White House has in implementing policy. The White House is moving as if it is being run by people from private corporations. This is consistent with the fact that Tech executives were quickly appointed to serve in the White House, after the election of Joe Biden.

There are other things, such as the fact that the policies implemented by the Biden administration, line up perfectly with the goals of globalists:

  • The open border policy at our southern border.
  • The decreased production of fossil fuels.
  • Vaccine mandates, which are required for globalist, medical, authoritarian control of U.S. citizens. (Integral to the above, is the use of vaccine passports.)
  • The manner in which we pulled out of Afghanistan, where the Biden administration effectively gave Islamic Fundamentalists, tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment; as well as intelligence on their enemies, in the form of a government database, that listed Afghans who helped the U.S. government when it was in their country. (The above also allowed China to get a hold of advanced U.S. military technology to reverse engineer, and deprived the U.S. from benefitting from rich Afghan resources, while making it all available to our enemy, and key globalist ally, China.)
  • Sabotaging our economy with high inflation, and the attempt to pass massive legislation that would render America a great debtor nation, that could be controlled by China, and globalist banks. The above would also cause inflation to skyrocket further; and result in massive regulations and cost, that would destroy many small businesses, crash our economy, and usher in the globalists’ Great Reset program of destroying the middle class.

Virtually no new program or policy pursued by the Biden administration, primarily benefits ordinary Americans. Instead, Biden’s policies implement the Democrat or globalist agenda, and primarily benefit the elites of our society. For example, Vaccine mandates are an attempt to lay the groundwork for tight globalist control of our society. They enrich big pharmaceutical companies, and are not as effective and cost effective as therapeutics, at dealing with COVID-19. Vaccine mandates instead, turn the U.S. population into guinea pigs for brand new vaccine technologies, that jeopardize the health of the population, while enriching multinational pharmaceutical companies. I’ve never seen anything like this before. The Biden administration’s policies are interested in the concerns of the elites, and only the elites.

The following three points constitute very weak evidence or even indicators, that the following men are members of a cabal running the White House. My instincts are nonetheless screaming at me, that they are members of the cabal.

  1. There is the matter that Mike Bloomberg practically owns the DNC, with the unprecedented large donations he gave during the 2020 elections.
  2. There are minor indicators (that Bill Gates is a member of the cabal running the White House) like the way Bill Gates, the most busybody of the top globalists (particularly in health matters), has been smiling ear to ear (in both his face and body language) since Biden ‘won’ the White House - as if he has a great personal stake in the matter.
  3. Jeff Bezos has shown that he is very political, with: his ownership of the Washington Post, a prominent propaganda paper for the Left; his company (Amazon), that has been purging conservative products from its online store and other facilities (e.g. Parler); etc. While the above offers no evidence that Jeff Bezos is part of a cabal running the White House, it does show it is plausible that he could be doing so.

I believe all of the above warrant an investigation, to see if the basic functioning of the White House and our democracy is on the up and up. If it is not, for all intents and purposes, we are living under a coup. (I believe the states need to quietly look into this, or at least oversee its investigation. The federal government cannot be trusted to investigate itself, and apply appropriate remedies, given its current one-party rule.)

Patmore Douglas 11/13/2021 3:28:00 PM