The elite’s trans-humanist goals

Trans-humanism is pure idiocy. The tech oligarchs who are trying to achieve it, are no different than the morons who wanted to build a tower to heaven, after the flood from Noah's time. As Christ said, a good tree can only bear good fruit, and a bad tree can only bear bad fruit. Man cannot create a utopia, because he is inherently bad or imperfect. Only God, who is inherently good, can build a utopia. (That is just natural law, which is observable to anyone.) Trans-humanism is an abomination of natural law, as it does not seek to enhance the human experience in harmony with natural law, but seeks to supplant the natural design of ourselves and our world, with designs conceived of by imperfect / evil men. Things can only go horribly wrong. The more you sin against natural (God’s) law, the greater will nature’s / God’s retaliation be. Trans-humanism may be the biggest abomination, man has ever attempted to commit against nature / God.

Patmore Douglas 10/28/2021 7:26:00 PM