Was there industrial scale voter fraud in the California Governor Recall election?

Why do conservatives who know that California has a history of significant voter fraud, think that there was no significant voter fraud in the September 14, 2021, governor, recall election? Further, why has it not seemed to occur to many conservatives, that there was likely sufficient voter fraud to overturn the governor recall election? Now it is true that Democrats usually commit voter fraud by cheating in myriad ways, until they have just enough votes to win a race. The problem with this approach, is that it allows their opponents to call for audits. The 2020 elections have seen calls for a series of audits in swing states, that are now a headache for Democrats. So if you are a Democrat leader, how would you cheat in a way that avoids triggering audits in an election? You would win the race by a large margin. Most people would assume that the race was fair, and wouldn’t think to question the election. So if you are a Democrat, and you can use millions of mail-in ballots (which can legitimately be printed from home, or any number of places) to create ballots on demand for your candidate, would you do so? Absolutely! It would be keeping in character with Democrats and their lust for power at all cost, and it would be consistent with Democrats’ behavior of doing ever more outrageous things to stay in power.

So you have means, motive, and opportunity for Democrats to engage in industrial scale voter fraud, and for it to take place smoothly – made possible largely via mail-in ballots. In addition, there have been indicators here and there, that were quickly ignored, that this was likely the case. If conservatives care about free and fair elections in CA, they should demand to see right away, at least random samplings of ballots, and have data scientists go over them for anomalies.  

Given Gavin Newsom’s bouts of fear during the election, I believe there is a good chance that he would have lost in a free and fair election. California does not have an election system that is resilient to voter fraud. On the contrary, California has an election system that is ripe to industrial scale voter fraud (made possible by mail-in ballots). Americans should no longer consider California a democracy – for such a form of government, hinges on a transparent election system, that is resilient to cheating. The downfall of California, has been largely due to the fall of the integrity of its election system. Democrats are seeking to compound that with radical demographic change, by importing new voters to displace the votes of millions of Californians. This is a coup that I hope Americans will fight against, and successfully remedy.

Patmore Douglas 9/16/2021 2:42:00 PM