Some people think that the Democrat party likes minorities over Whites. No they don't. The Democrat party has exploited and abused Blacks, Native Americans, Asians, and others, in the form of slavery, white supremacy, segregation to reservations, etc., throughout the history of this country. The basic attitude of the Democrat party towards minorities has not changed: what has changed, is the way they cover it up, and manipulate these groups that they hate, to do the things they want. What has also changed, is that they have turned against non-elite Whites. The Democrat party is the party of the elites, which pretends it is the party of the oppressed. The Democrat party does this in order to divide up the masses, and play them against one another. The elites hate non-elite Whites the most, because their culture contains Western Civilization in its most concentrated form. The elites pursuit of non-elite Whites with Critical Race Theory and other devices, is to stamp out western civilization as quickly and as thoroughly as they can. Multiculturism, Feminism, the LGBT agenda, etc. are all designed for the same purpose. Make no mistake though, once the influence of non-elite Whites become diminished, the elites will turn the various groups in western societies on one another, in order to eliminate them.

People who think Democrats like Blacks, need only look at how the Democrat Black mayor of Chicago, sits back and watches those in her charge, kill one another, as she exacerbates the situation by tying the hands of law enforcement, and blaming the situation on guns and White Supremacy. Democrats know full well, that in order to improve the plight of Blacks, they can introduce programs that encourage Blacks to start families, and they can push forward school choice. Instead, Democrats do nothing, and push for the moral degradation of Blacks with school indoctrinations and bad cultural influences, and watch as the moral fiber of their communities fall apart, and these communities descend into chaos. Chicago is an ongoing experiment by the Democrat party, on how to destroy American society - and they are doing this, while convincing Blacks that they care about them, and that those who would help them (Republicans) are their enemies.

The Democrat party is the Machiavellian party, whose mascot should be a snake, rather than a donkey. Its end goals, are the elimination of America, and the formation of a world government, in service to the elites. Ordinary Americans are just fodder and annoyances to them.

Are you wondering why the Biden administration seems indifferent about saving American lives in Afghanistan, while shills for the elites express great interest in saving Afghan lives? Having diverse populations, is conducive to them being able to destroy western societies, by stirring groups against one another. As for ordinary Americans, they just get in the way of the elites.

Patmore Douglas 8/20/2021 10:30:00 AM