COVID-19 vaccines, a system of control?

The Biden administration effectively says, never mind the blood clotting issues caused by the mRNA vaccines, as well as how they decrease your overall immunity, causing you to be dependent continually on booster shots.

This is a racket where if you get a vaccine, and want decent immunity from that point onwards against respiratory and other illnesses, you must rely not on your natural immunity, but on booster shots supplied by the government. You wonder why the Biden administration has been pushing vaccines so hard? That is why: they want to medically control you, so that you have to do what they say, or you won’t get your booster shots.

I am sure there is more to it, like the desire to implant us with chips which track us, neurologically control us, implement a social credit system like what you see in China, etc. I also expect people will be affected by the above to varying degrees.

Democrats disguise everything they do. Feminism and the LGBT agenda are supposed to destroy families. Sex education is supposed to morally degrade us, starting with our children. Vaccines are supposed to medically and intimately control us.

I’m sure treatments can be developed, that cleanse people of the mRNA vaccines and booster shots. But I am also sure globalists believe will be able to control everything, and will be able to stop such efforts.

Some might say, they find what I wrote too hard to believe. To these people I ask, if I said 10 years ago, that some men would be called women, and be able to enter the Olympics as women, would you believe me? If I said to you 10 years ago, you would be coerced to take vaccines for a respiratory illness, that has an over 99% survivability rate for the vast majority of the population, and you would not be able to go anywhere without proof of vaccination, would you believe me? Well, here we are now.

Patmore Douglas 8/9/2021 1:54:00 AM