I see a highly organized transnational effort to take down America and western civilization. (I, along with many others, can see it with the coordinated efforts across western nations, to destroy the middle class, primarily using lockdowns - under the guise of managing the COVID-19 pandemic.) On the other hand, I see no organized opposing force to the globalist effort, by U.S. and western civilization patriots. DeSantis stands up to the Biden administration (the embodiment of the head of the U.S. globalist movement) – but that’s about it. I see no serious organized effort to oppose globalists and China, as these entities are taking over institution after institution in the west, and corrupting them towards their ends. For example, Bill Gates along with other globalists and China, are buying up farmland in America, in order to control what we eat. Where is the matching organized movement to thwart their efforts, and destroy their organization?

The biggest issue I had with President Trump, was that he never treated the Left as if they were a dangerous existential threat to the United States and the west, that had to be neutralized as quickly as possible. I believe Trump actually believed he could reform them. Now look at where we are now: on the threshold of medical authoritarianism. If Trump gets another opportunity, he needs or put together an alliance, and neutralize the globalists and the CCP. The globalists are world depopulationists, psychos. They are acting as if they have to succeed with their agenda at any cost. At every turn, we should expect them to be devious, and be willing to break any and all rules to succeed.

God help us.

Patmore Douglas 8/4/2021 6:16:00 PM