The diversity and inclusion Trojan horse

The Left certainly have a gift for adorning toxic, dangerous things, with pleasant sounding names. Diversity and inclusion could be their finest work. This particularly egregious form of affirmative action, where individuals from a host of groups are hired or advanced based on their memberships in these groups, rather than merit, needs to be recognized for what it is, and ended. Diversity and inclusion is also an apparatus for the Left to politicize and extend their influence into companies, so that they can be manipulated by the Left.

Patmore Douglas 8/9/2017 11:07:00 PM

Most people have no idea just what diversity and inclusion are. These are highly ideological forms of multi-spectrum affirmative action, mandating that an organization have a radical left-wing view of the populace, splitting them up into discreet groups, and demanding that individuals from each group be included in a workplace, through the meeting of quotas. It is highly antithetical to the merit based approach western society has used successfully for generations. It is actually very discriminatory, requiring that people be selected not based on who can best do the job, but rather based on memberships in groups (also referred to as identity politics) defined by left-wing radicals.

What’s so toxic about diversity and inclusion, is that it normalizes highly divisive identity politics in the workplace, displacing traditional merit based systems, and allows the Left to divide and conquer the populace, and manipulate factions of society easily at will, like puppet masters. Rather than having a melting pot view where everyone is seen as an American first, the Left via this policy, breaks everyone up into racial, religious, sexual orientation, and other groups, tenuously placing them together, and breaking them apart, when it becomes politically expedient for them to do so. Another problem with diversity and inclusion, is that it accords every group the same moral currency. Which means that the goodness of a traditional family unity, and the moral deficiency of an LGBTQ group member, who violates natural law, are seen as morally equal. This is extremely damaging to society. Western societies have always pushed its members to be most upstanding individuals they can be. Diversity and inclusion ideology says an individual doesn’t have to push himself to become better and better, he can lie in deficiency and even get worse, and he will be treated the same as the most upstanding citizen. This will cause western societies to crumble from within. A society that makes no moral distinction between its citizens based on their actions, but rather based on their political status, will rupture from within.

The adaptation of diversity and inclusion policies within companies, also brings with them, political correctness, which stifles free thought and free speech, replacing these things with onerous left-wing thinking, from which individuals are unable to escape.

Diversity and inclusion are the stealthy politicizing of companies with toxic left-wing ideology, allowing the Left to extend its powers into companies, and manipulate them at will. It replaces traditional merit based systems with affirmative action on steroids, which will eventually make American and western companies no longer exceptional, but primed for manipulation by the Left, to their political ends.