The Trump Administration creating its own news outlet

The Trump Administration will never be reported on, or treated fairly by mainstream media, which have become all-out propaganda centers for the Left. My suggestion is that this situation be partially remedied, by the Trump Administration creating a modern news outlet of its own, and continually promoting it, making its outlet, the go to source for information on what the Trump administration is doing, while diminishing the relevance of mainstream media.

Patmore Douglas 8/3/2017 1:59:00 PM

My suggestion to the Trump administration, is that a very effective means to get its message out directly to voters, circumventing mainstream media, is to create a web site and set of apps for different platforms, dedicated to this purpose. The apps (for Android, iOS, Windows, etc.) could be modeled after the InfoWars app, which I believe looks gorgeous, and works wonderfully on Android phones. The Trump administration web site and apps, could essentially stream news for the day by the Trump administration, concerning accomplishments, commentary and viewpoints, etc. The media effort could augment its on demand content, with content from fair news sources like Fox News, CBN, and InfoWars. Finally, I believe the president, the communications department for the White House, and other elements of the Trump administration, should continually promote the web site and apps, as the best source of news about what the Trump administration is doing. Clips and news links should continue to be distributed on Twitter and other social media, but have them link back to the Trump administration news web site, which should provide links to download the corresponding apps on various platforms.

I believe over time, the Trump administration web site and apps media effort, will become a regular go to news source, significantly diminishing the relevance of mainstream media.