A Remarkable Expose on the Climate Change Hoax

Inside is a remarkable expose on the Climate Change agenda. Essentially the Climate Change agenda, is about developing a pretext, to take over every aspect of everyone's life, via socialist programs. The movement’s most disturbing goal however, is the extinction of over 6 billion people, they believe, is required to save the earth.

Patmore Douglas 8/26/2019 7:27:00 PM


The above video by TFP Student Action, interviewing Marc Morano, the executive director and chief correspondent of ClimateDepot.com, is one of the most fascinating exposes on the elaborate Climate Change hoax. In the video, at the indicated time points, Mr. Morano makes the following observations:


  1. The Regulartory State uses [made up] justifications to create regulations, which achieve their political goals.  
  2. The Regulatory State is trying to use climate / environmental scares, to implement central planning, and the radical restructuring of our economy.
  3. The Left mean to create CO2 budgets for every man, woman, and child, to control every aspect of our lives.
  4. The Left are unable to persuade the adoption of their ideas, and the abandonment of capitalism, through the normal electoral process. They therefore claim impending dooms, and their radical socialist solutions, as the only way to avoid the calamities that arise because of capitalism.
  5. Per the Left’s own science, the Paris Climate agreement has no effect on changes in temperature. It is just a pretext to undertake massive wealth redistribution, and establish pervasive control over people's lives.
  6. The Left is trying to treat meat eaters like smokers, with the hope of marginalizing them - like smokers.
  7. The Left is moving to the point of sending dissenters of Climate Change, to jail.


  1. Because Republicans aren’t directly refuting Climate Change science, only trying to slow down the movement’s agenda, many people think the science is true.


  1. Environmentalists behind the Climate Change movement, believe the caring capacity of the earth is just about 1 billion people. They mean to get rid of over 6 billion people, to achieve their organization goals.
  2. The Climate Change movement is encouraging developing countries to limit their populations by avoiding development.
  3. The Left consider the above earth friendly.
  4. The Left consider keeping people at a subsistence level, moral.
  5. President Obama sought to prevent coal plants from being built in developing countries, since this could lead to prosperity, and an expansion of the local populations.
  6. The Climate Change term is now a catchall reason for unusual weather events.


  1. The first Climate Change charts showed the Medieval warming period, where temperatures were higher than they are today. Scientists simply adjusted their numbers to effectively wipe out the Medieval warming period, to make a more convincing case, that Climate Change was manmade.
  2. Whenever anomalies are discovered, the Climate Change industry investigates itself, adjust their numbers, and make the problems go away.


  1. Skeptical scientists are punished, and have their careers ruined.
  2. Largely, only retired scientists, who have no careers to risk, speak out against Climate Change science.


  1. If as a scientist, you say your study proves manmade Climate Change, you will get many benefits.


  1. Indoctrination is pervasive among kids from elementary school, upwards.
  2. Kids are suing the government to take action on Climate Change.


  1. Climate Change has a significant religious component.


  1. Pope Francis’ involvement and advocacy in the Climate Change movement.


  1. The Left believe capitalism is incompatible with a livable climate. They believe they must overthrow capitalism to save the climate.


  1. There is a human extinction movement.
  2. Environmentalists don’t believe humans should be allowed to eat other animals.
  3. Environmentalists believe humans are equal to other animals.