Many people worry that globalists will overtake the United States, and we will face the danger of losing our democracy in short order, after Biden gets inaugurated on January 20. While we’ve seen big tech move with breathtaking speed, in coordinated ways, to purge conservatives from their platforms (including the current President of the United States), these corporate, political entities, do have significant vulnerabilities. The biggest weakness of globalists, is the sources of their wealth. If you disable the sources of their wealth, you disable them. For example, all the tech oligarchs derive most of their wealth from their companies. If you disable their companies, you disable them. If you go to the extreme and obliterate these oligarchs’ companies (particularly their critical operations) you will severely disable them. So if globalists try to rain terror and chaos on your country, systematically take out their companies and other critical organizations, and that should neutralize them.

Most of the globalists’ 4th generation warfare tactics, are centered around attacking and manipulating society using psychology. Globalists’ biggest and most devastating instrument of attack, is mainstream media. If you therefore want to quickly neutralize globalists in your country, prioritize neutralizing left-wing mainstream media organizations.

Patmore Douglas 1/12/2021 10:21:00 AM