The violence by the Left during the summer, was over contrived reasons. George Floyd, who was wrongfully killed by police, did not warrant the widespread and violent response that we saw. (In fact, George Floyd's death appeared to have been used by the Left, as a cover to launch a pro-Marxism insurrection.) What happened to George Floyd was not indicative of a systemic problem of racism in American society, but rather, it was an atypical event. There were multiple avenues within the American system of government, George Floyd's family could have gone to for relief in a civil manner.

In the case of President Trump's election loss, the deliberate, systematic denial of justice perpetrated against President Trump and 70 million Americans over voter fraud by courts in swing states, along with SCOTUS, warranted strong action, because virtually all the avenues President Trump and his team (along with Trump supporters) took to find justice, were deliberately shut down. The reports of voter fraud which happened in Georgia during the senatorial runoff elections, underscored once more the impunity with which Democrats flout the law and the U.S. constitution, to the detriment of conservatives' basic right to have their votes counted fairly. (Note: voter fraud disenfranchises conservatives and others of their votes, and profoundly undermines conservatives and other Americans, of their right and ability to engage in self-governance. Widescale voter fraud as we saw nationally and yesterday in Georgia, profoundly undermines the democracy of the United States.)

Patmore Douglas 1/6/2021 8:02:00 PM