I believe the Trump administration strategy should essentially be to apply enormous political pressure on Republican legislators, to decertify electors sent by their states, then have Congress throw the election to House, to vote by delegation.

I believe the Trump administration should present their legal case to Congress and hold massive demonstrations as planned on January 6, then push for a delay to certify the votes from the electors by Congress, until enough votes from electors from swing states are decertified. If need be, have unending massive rallies in swing states, and pull every lever of influence, until legislators legitimately decertify the election results in their states. President Trump could give a voter fraud press conference everyday during the political push, and could promote media outlets (e.g. Newsmax, OAN, the Epoch Times, and Breitbart) sympathetic to knowing the truth about what is going on.

After enough swing states decertify their elections, have Congress go through the certification process, which should result in the elections thrown to the House, to vote by delegation.

Patmore Douglas 1/3/2021 8:43:00 AM