It is one thing to say how Pennsylvania (and each of the swing states) conduct elections to choose local politicians has little bearing on Texas and other states; it is another thing to say if a state contributes to the choosing of the President of the United States in unlawful, highly unscrupulous ways, this has no bearing on other states. The choosing of the President of the United States (the most impactful politician on the whole nation by far), arguably affects every man, woman, and child in every state. Also, what happens when a state becomes a one-party state that is overrun by corruption? Can’t other states intervene, to at least have the federal courts reestablish fairness in the state’s elections, per the requirements of the U.S. constitution? Or are we supposed to kiss that state goodbye to corruption? If we cannot get justice from the courts on the most crucial issues, then what good are they?

Patmore Douglas 12/12/2020 8:40:00 AM