Beware of the ulterior motives behind Democrats move to eliminate Confederate symbols

Americans should resist moves by the Democrats to eliminate confederate symbols. These actions are just Democrats trying to get the ball rolling on the Left erasing America's history and culture in earnest. Don't be naive in thinking the Democrats’ actions are just about erasing offending symbols. As the Left's statue toppling escapades showed, eliminating confederate symbols is just the starting point for the Left, and provides a pretext for them to begin to erase all of our national identity. Remember, if Democrats were serious about preserving the feelings of Blacks in the United States regarding their oppressed past, the Democrats, the worst oppressor of Blacks in American history, would disband themselves, and eliminate all history that mentioned them. We are however about as likely to see this, as snow falling in the Sahara desert.

Patmore Douglas 8/27/2020 1:14:00 PM