As I saw in a comment on YouTube, if vaccines protect users from disease, and the government has a right to protect people from disease, why does the government also have a right to force everyone to get vaccinated, when those who are vaccinated, are already protected from the disease? In other words, if someone who is afraid to get COVID-19 gets vaccinated, and becomes protected from the disease, why is it necessary to force others to get vaccinated, to prevent them from (by chance) spreading the disease? I view big pharma and its regulators (particularly in the area of vaccines) as being a cesspool of collusion, corruption, misrepresentations, and outright lies. Why should I and others who hardly trust a word these actors say, be forced to take their vaccines, which largely serves to make them immensely richer?

Again, COVID-19 for most people (particularly those who are not vulnerable to the disease [e.g. the elderly, those with underlying health conditions]) is less dangerous than the flu. Why should people be forced to take a vaccine for a respiratory disease (similar to the common cold and the flu) that is less dangerous than the flu, when they have misgivings about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine?

Patmore Douglas 8/25/2020 11:26:00 AM

Democrats undermine the lives of Blacks via two means: demoralization and government dependency.


The Left weaken the culture of Blacks, by conditioning the demographic to think that America is out to get them, and that trying to advance through society through diligence and hard work, is futile and foolish. For example, when Democrats announce that America suffers from systemic racism, that is part of the conditioning of Blacks to develop a state of helplessness. In addition to above, Democrats push rappers, and left-wing athletes, celebrities, and activists, to be the heroes of Blacks, rather than apolitical, accomplished men and women, like Justice Clarence Thomas. The Left often push individuals of questionable character (like rappers and activists with criminal or dubious moral backgrounds) instead of people who are morally upstanding, and have a track record that is far more attainable than an athlete or a celebrity. The ethic of forming a tried and true traditional family is also severely diminished, and now relationships are promoted which give short term pleasure, and long term dissatisfaction – rather than long term accomplishment.

Government Dependency

Government assistance is a double-edged sword. It can be an invaluable tool to help individuals in times of crises; but it can also be used to support bad, undermining, or self-destructive behavior. The less ethics a person has, the more negative government assistance can be to them. For example, a person with strong ethics would likely use a large monetary gift, to go to a school or invest in a company, so that the gift would bring back a return. A person with weak ethics would likely use a large monetary gift to spend on immediate, non-critical concerns, or short term pleasure, and not have anything to show for it in the long run. By the Left undermining the culture and ethics of Blacks, as well as the formation of families, they ensure that many Blacks are mired in their immediate concerns, never developing lofty ambitions, and working towards achieving them.

Patmore Douglas 8/23/2020 8:08:00 PM

Over the past few months, Democrats have intensely lectured Americans, that we are irredeemably racist, and that the only recourse for our country to attain righteousness, is to accept willingly, the fundamental transformation of America from a beacon of freedom, prosperity, and fairness, to an authoritarian hellhole, resembling Democrats’ big cities and other districts, which are crumbling before our eyes. Like so many of the Left’s narratives, the Democrats’ indictment of America, are for crimes committed by Democrats themselves - not crimes committed by Americans in general.

Patmore Douglas 8/22/2020 7:37:00 PM

It is the style of the Left, to mask their objectives, with superficially reasonable or virtuous looking actions. For example, the Great Society was presented as a program to lift Blacks out of poverty, when it in fact, decimated Black families through government dependency, ensuring they remained in poverty. The Left claim they care for the homeless, when their programs support and enable the behaviors that made the homeless have no place to stay in, in the first place (e.g. the Left provide the homeless clean needles to take drugs) exacerbating their situation. I believe the same is true for the coronavirus lockdowns. The lockdowns were pushed by the U.S. left-wing medical bureaucracy, as an effective method to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, when they instead have had an overall significantly negative effect, and are being used, to introduce tyranny to the United States.

Patmore Douglas 8/16/2020 5:06:00 AM

When hydroxychloroquin initially came on the scene as a promising therapeutic for COVID-19, President Trump instinctively endorsed it, based on its initial success in treating the respiratory disease. The Left quickly pushed back against the use of the drug, despite its potential to save many lives. CNN initially cited a flawed review of veterans who took the drug, who experienced little benefit from doing so.  The main problems with the study, were that it appeared politically motivated, and it did not examine hydroxychloroquin administered to patients, during the early stages of COVID-19.

Since the veterans study, a slew of  other apparently politically and financially motivated studies, have been released, undercutting significantly the reputation of hydroxychloroquin as a highly effective therapeutic. These studies were performed in scenarios, where hydroxychloroquin was not optimally applied to patients, leading to poor results. The NIH, WHO, CDC and FDA, have all piled on as well, giving their thumbs down to the drug.

In spite of all the negative attention and confusion introduced by the above studies, there are very clear indicators that hydroxychloroquin is highly effective (particularly when administered early to patients, in addition to zinc and other medications). These indicators are in the form of charts that show the mortality rates of COVID-19 patients by countries, ranging from those which did not include hydroxychloroquin in their treatment protocols, to those which used the drug heavily. As the charts / links show below, heavy use of hydroxychloroquin, leads to significantly decreased death rates.

(Click on chart below, to see full chart and article:)

(Click on chart below, to see full chart and article:)

(Click on chart below, to see full chart and article:)

Countries that use Hydroxychloroquine may have 80% lower Covid death rates

Where’s the Evidence on COVID-19 Treatment?

Given the highly politicized environment surrounding COVID-19 and hydroxychloroquin, also the availability of the above information to the U.S. medical bureaucracy since April, do you think the public was purposely dissuaded from seeking out hydroxychloroquin for nefarious reasons? Remember also, New York and other Democrat states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, ordered COVID-19 infected patients, be placed back into nursing homes, resulting in many thousands of elderly deaths. This is something I believe we should all think about.



Hydroxychloroquine Found to Significantly Cut Death Rates in New COVID-19

Patmore Douglas 8/9/2020 9:37:00 PM

So what is the point of the Left saying, “Diversity is our strength?” It is, I believe, so that we not only allow the Left to stage society in a way that facilitates them dividing us at will, but to make us enthusiastic supporters of our own demise.

Consider the following: we know the Left are into identity politics, which divides the U.S. population by gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. This allows the Left to pit Americans against one another, as the Me Too movement pit women against men, and the BLM riots at the advent of the death of George Floyd, (attempted to) pit black against white. The racial unrest, instigated by the Left, flowed across Western Europe and other parts of the West, with great speed and precision – revealing the Left’s capability of manipulating us efficiently at will, as well as their probable intent to do so on a much grander scale in the future.

So given the history of the Left to misdirect and deceive us, as well as their past behavior of exploiting our differences, to carve us up and manipulate us to war against one another, don’t sheepishly fall for their saying, “Diversity is our strength.” In all likelihood, the Left are setting us up to war against one another, and to tear our society apart. This is an important goal of their agenda.

Patmore Douglas 8/8/2020 7:04:00 PM

A number of states recently adopted mail-in voting across their entire territories. States like California and recently Nevada, passed these schemes into law, along the Democrat party line. These mail-in voting schemes, involve the sending out of mail-in ballots to every voter on their voter rolls - without any auditing of their voter rolls. This means if someone died, left the state, becomes too ill to vote, is an illegal alien who was automatically registered when he received his driver’s license, etc., he will receive a ballot. Also, there have been reports of a deceased cat receiving a mail-in ballot, as well as people each receiving several ballots, with different spellings of their names. In addition, states like California and Nevada have legalized ballot harvesting, where just about anyone can collect ballots and turn them in – opening the door to the coercion of voters, along with the mass tampering of ballots.

Mail-in ballot schemes are inherently insecure, and open up the door to mass voter fraud. I believe mail-in ballot systems infringe on each voter’s right to cast a ballot and to have it counted honestly. Tests have shown that the U.S. mail fails to deliver significantly less than 100% of the ballots cast – never mind there are no security measures to guard against tampering by Post Office employees or contractors. There is also the matter of the Post Office handling the unprecedented large volume of ballots in a  timely manner, over a relatively short period. Does the Post Office have the resources to handle all these ballots? Will the Post Office have to temporarily hire more workers – which further opens up the door to tampering? Shouldn’t there be a practice run before real voting is executed?

While I believe states should be free to have their own systems of voting, I do believe states also have an obligation to ensure their voting systems are secure and accurate – guaranteed by the constitution.

  1. From inaccurate, outdated voter rolls forming the basis for mail-in voting.
  2. To requiring little or no authentication measures.
  3. To relying on the U.S. postal system to handle the collection and transmission of votes accurately, timely, and securely: a job the U.S. postal system was not designed to do, and does not do well.
  4. To opening the door to third parties, to: pressure voters into voting a certain way; discarding votes they don’t like; and conducting all manner of malfeasance on a large scale.

I believe mail-in voting falls significantly short of guaranteeing each voter’s right to cast a ballot, and to have it counted honestly. I believe President Trump should create an executive order, which spells out clearly, that if a voting system is not secure and accurate, its results cannot be accepted. Also I believe President Trump’s executive order should specify that the federal government has the right to inspect a voting system, to determine if it is in fact secure and accurate.

Patmore Douglas 8/6/2020 3:31:00 PM

One of the reasons I started commenting on politics a few years ago, was because I began noticing certain patterns in society, consistent with America going through a process of subversion. President Obama struck me as someone who was highly subversive, because much of his speech was greatly in discord with his major actions. For example, President Obama’s actions showed that he endeared the enemies of the United States like Iran, while he despised our friends like Israel. At the same time, President Obama used his speech to deflect observation of this fact. Over time, I discovered how widespread the subversion effort of the Democrat party was. This blog post contains part 1 of my assessment of the current situation of our nation. Quite simply, America has been undergoing the process of subversion for decades by the Left, as part as what is referred to as 4th generation warfare. Institution after institution are being subverted in an effort to topple the United States, into becoming a Marxist state.

Patmore Douglas 8/3/2020 10:04:00 PM

I believe managing a pandemic should be viewed as an engineering task, where the medical advisors to the President, approach their responsibility as a balancing act, providing advice that produces the optimum results for individual citizens, and the country as a whole. I think it was absolutely reckless and destructive, when Dr. Fauci said or suggested at the beginning of the surge in deaths due to the coronavirus, that his concern was only about the immediate situation of saving people’s lives from COVID-19. That is like an engineer saying after the plane he built crashed, that his only concern was getting the plane off the ground – not how it flew after takeoff, or how it landed.

I believe also in times of crisis like pandemics, where the matter is technical and new, it is best to use a crowdsourcing model, where the best and most innovative minds throughout the country and around the world, can examine and contribute to the development of solutions to the problem at hand. Crowdsourcing also leads to transparency, which deters malfeasance, and the politicization of the management process.

Crowdsourcing a pandemic would be fairly simple to do. Simply create a discussion board, where varied aspects of the pandemic could be discussed by contributors around the world. You could also allow files to be uploaded and downloaded containing texts, presentations, and data. Medical advisors could glean the best solutions, as they shape their overall strategy. The public would also be able to see the technical justifications, for the various aspects of the President’s strategy.

Patmore Douglas 8/2/2020 6:42:00 PM

I believe the Federal government should encourage universities to offer Pandemic Engineering certifications to doctors, and have them go through a program that teaches them how to operate like engineers, when faced with a pandemic.

The objective of the program would be to teach doctors how to manage pandemics of varied lethalities, in ways that:

  1. Have the least economic impact on a country or region.
  2. Cause the least disruption to a society.
  3. Factor in the short and long term health and economic consequences of their courses of action.
  4. Lead to the best care for affected citizens.
  5. Has the best overall impact on society.

These programs could make use of simulations, that are shown to closely approximate how their actions would  play out in the real world.

Each engineering program could take its own approach to pandemic management, and maybe be scored by an accreditation board.

Patmore Douglas 8/1/2020 7:14:00 PM