Plausible Deniability: the Modus Operandi of the Left

The Left are inherently evil, to the point that virtually every major initiative they embark on, is cloaked in deception. For example, the Left frame their defense of illegal immigration, as their love for their fellowman, when in fact the Left see illegal immigrants as potential new Democrat voters, and a source of cheap labor. Elites on the Left are pushing COVID-19 lockdowns, even though studies show that they don't slow down the propagation of the virus, and are highly destructive to society. So what is the excuse elites on the Left are giving to implement new COVID-19 lockdowns? The need to slow the virus, in order to save lives. As is virtually always the case, the reason the Left give for wanting to implement COVID-19 lockdowns is a lie, and no one should trust the Left, because they lie about virtually everything they do.

Patmore Douglas 12/20/2020 8:37:00 PM

If you were trying to destroy a country from within, and you wanted free roam of the country, how would you go about doing so? You would employ deception. Also, what would you do if you wanted to do the greatest harm to the country? You would gain as much trust as possible as a leader from the population, so that you could embed yourself very deeply, gain access to the levers of power, and blow everything up. The above sounds very foreign to most people, but this is how people in the intelligence community think and operate. This is how people from many deceptive, non-Christian cultures think and operate as well. Unfortunately for the United States and Western civilization, this is how the Left think and operate in the U.S., across Europe, and much of the world.

Deceptiveness is the chief quality of the Left. It is not that the Left are ordinary people that employ deception from time to time. It is that at their core, the Left are dishonest, and this quality is seen at the heart of virtually everything they do.

One fundamental tactic the Left employ to undermine America and the West from within, is to do harm under a pretext. The Left call this pretext, plausible deniability. When the Left do harm to American society, they invariably do so under a justifiable, noble-sounding cover. For example, the Left are currently pursuing their Great Reset agenda. (The Great Reset agenda is to broadly destroy capitalism, and create great poverty, so that much of American and Western societies, become dependent on the government and the ruling class.) The Left are doing this, under the guise they are trying to save lives via COVID-19 lockdowns. The Left claim that the lives of citizens are under imminent threat, if significant action in the form of COVID-19 lockdowns is not taken. Fear, and the claim that they are doing something noble, psychologically paralyzes resistance to their actions by the population. Further, the Left employ mainstream media to relentlessly bombard the population with their claim, in order to keep the population confused and off guard, until the operation is completed.

The Great Reset operation is by far the most ambitious and destructive by the Left, that employs a pretext or cover, that gives them plausible deniability. In the past, when enemies of the United States attacked the U.S., it was clear to everyone who they were, and what they did. But the Left's current assault tactic is unusual and daring: they do great harm to society, by in part persuading society to go along with their destruction, and at the end of the event or series of events, have much of society remain on their side, and believe they are their friends. (You see very similar psychological manipulation by the Democrats of Blacks in this country. Despite the fact that Democrats were the party that enslaved Blacks, formed the KKK, lynched Blacks from trees, ruled with White Supremacy ideology, Blacks trust Democrats at levels beyond reason, and recoil to them for protection, when they feel threatened.)

Virtually all the 'social justice' causes by the Left, employ plausible deniability covers, to make them acceptable to society, and to drive adoption. These causes are however destructive to society - particularly to those who directly employ them. For example, the popularization of transgenderism, effectively greatly expands the number of people who are afflicted by this disease, and targets the most innocent and vulnerable in our society: children. Trangenderism is a horrendously evil program, that is protected by a nice sounding cover (sympathy and rights for an afflicted group). This program does not offer sound healing to those who suffer from the disease. This program instead ensnares a lot of people into the disease, and leads them astray from sound medical solutions (such as coming to terms with their delusions). The program further encourages patients to pursue solutions that are not based on reality (such as sex reassignment surgeries).

The Left's other attacks on sexual behavior and gender roles (consistent with natural law), underscores the determination by the Left, to unravel the moral fabric of American society. Too many people are distracted by the 'social justice' covers the Left use when they do great harm to society. These covers give the Left plausible deniability, that their actions are in fact deliberately harmful. Americans should no longer accept this.

When the Left want to engage in voter fraud, they scream 'voter suppression', to give themselves political cover (or plausible deniability) for their actions of eliminating voting integrity safeguards. The Left rely on a psychological trick, where when people are given a choice of 2 explanations about something, they prefer to believe the one that is more popular and less sinister. That is why for example, during the 2020 elections, the Left pushed for mail-in voting, along with the claim that it made voting safer and more accessible. Their claims gave them plausible deniability of any wrongdoing, which turned out to be absolutely false, when unprecedented levels of voter fraud were discovered.

The following are other examples of the Left's use of covers for activities, which give them plausible deniability.




Real Motive




Illegal immigration

Compassion for fellowman.

New Democrat voters. Lower wages. Increased poverty. A more diverse population which can be easily divided and pitted against one another for control.

Defund the police

Get rid of oppressive force.

Replace the police with social and other workers the Left can more easily control.


Eliminate hate speech. Stop misinformation.

Control speech and hence thought and discussion. Allows for easy psychological manipulation of the population.