Part 1 of 2: the current 4th generation warfare against the United States, by the Globalist elites

One of the reasons I started commenting on politics a few years ago, was because I began noticing certain patterns in society, consistent with America going through a process of subversion. President Obama struck me as someone who was highly subversive, because much of his speech was greatly in discord with his major actions. For example, President Obama’s actions showed that he endeared the enemies of the United States like Iran, while he despised our friends like Israel. At the same time, President Obama used his speech to deflect observation of this fact. Over time, I discovered how widespread the subversion effort of the Democrat party was. This blog post contains part 1 of my assessment of the current situation of our nation. Quite simply, America has been undergoing the process of subversion for decades by the Left, as part as what is referred to as 4th generation warfare. Institution after institution are being subverted in an effort to topple the United States, into becoming a Marxist state.

Patmore Douglas 8/3/2020 10:04:00 PM

4th generation warfare, is a type of unconventional warfare perpetrated by state and non-state actors, against their host nation, in an effort to defeat and rule it. This type of warfare,  is usually employed by actors who don’t have the resources or wherewithal to directly take on the military and economic might of their target nation.

The following points about 4th generation warfare, are from the Wikipedia article referenced by the above link:

Fourth-generation warfare is defined as conflicts which involve the following elements:

  • Complex and long term
  • Terrorism (tactic)
  • A non-national or transnational base – highly decentralized
  • A direct attack on the enemy's culture, including genocidal acts against civilians.
  • Highly sophisticated psychological warfare and propaganda, especially through media manipulationinternet trollsbots and lawfare
  • All available pressures are used – political, economic, social and military
  • Occurs in low-intensity conflict, involving actors from all networks
  • Non-combatants are tactical dilemmas
  • Lack of hierarchy
  • Small in size, spread out network of communication and financial support
  • Use of insurgency tactics as subversion, terrorism and guerrilla tactics
  • Decentralised forces

The above describes well, the tactics the Left have been employing increasingly in the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world, over the past number of decades. The Left employ primarily psychological warfare, as their modus operandi of attack. The Left systematically subvert different sectors of our society, to weaken and eventually collapse it, at which time, they intend move in and assert authoritarian control.

KGB defector from the 70s, Yuri Bezmenov, succinctly describes (in video), Soviet subversion tactics, the Left have been employing for generations, to undermine and eventually topple the United States. (Here is a more lengthy description of Soviet subversion tactics, currently being employed by the Left.)

The Subversion Process

The following is based on the Soviet subversion process, explained by Yuri Bezmenov, in the video links above. The following charts show the areas of society that are typically subjected to subversion, the methods used, and the results:



Demoralization (15 to 20 years)


 Areas / Ideas







 Politicize and commercialize religion.

 Make religion   irrelevant.


 Foster permissiveness; push moral relativity.

 Increased societal   ignorance.


 Monopolize, manipulate, and use to discredit societal   institutions. Focus on insignificant issues.

 Uninformed myopia.


 False heroes and role models.

 Addictive fads.








 Law and Order

 Use legislative means to undermine law and order. [E.g. bail reform enacted in New York City and other purely Left districts.]

 No confidence in justice system.

 Social Relations

 View social relationships through the perspective of rights and obligations enacted by the state.

 Less individual responsibility.


 Undermine Intelligence, police, and the military.

 Leave society in a state of defenselessness.

 Internal Politics

 Undermine political parties; stir up antagonism.

 Create disunity.


 Salt; friends.

 Leave country in state of isolation.








 Family, Society

 Break up families and society.

 No individual loyalty.


 Promote spectator sports, junk food, etc.

 Enfeeble masses.


 Undermine race relations.

 Cause hatred and division along racial lines.


 De-land; urbanize.

 Cause alienation.


 Unions vs. society.






Destabilization (2 to 5 years)


Areas / Ideas






 Power Struggle

 Populism. Irresponsible power struggle.

 Big Brother.


 Destruction of bargaining process.

 Yield to Big Brother.


 Grass roots participation

 Cause hatred and division along racial lines.


 Isolation; multi-nations; central command

 Prestige; belligerent enforcement.


                                                                   Arrow Down 


Crisis (2 to 6 months)


                                                                   Arrow Down




The Soviet model of subversion, outlined in the chart above, is a type of psychological or ideological warfare, that consists of four stages: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization. Subversion is a way of subduing your enemy, without (ideally) firing a single shot. (This is opposed to overcoming your enemy, via a conventional war.) You essentially psychologically manipulate your enemy, so that your enemy does not see you for who you really are, and you slowly introduce your system of government, as a plausible alternative to the one being used by your target nation.


Our Education System

Demoralization is the 1st stage of Soviet style subversion. It is what we have seen most visibly taking place in American universities, since before the 1960s. Universities have become transformed from largely apolitical institutions, where useful subjects and disciplines were taught which edified society and the students who passed through them. Many universities today, are now radical indoctrination centers, where useful subjects are substituted for ones that essentially attempt to radicalize students against their own county and civilization.

Decades ago, the Left introduced gender studies, which produced little material benefit to society. In fact, gender studies, in my opinion, now contribute to the decline of the traditional family, which in turn exacerbate the societal pathologies seen in individuals who do not belong to traditional families. This includes depression and other forms of mental illness, declining achievement (particularly among men), the legitimization of myriad self-destructive forms of sexual expression, etc. As if the above are not enough, the Left are now offering Social Justice courses, and some are even offering Social Justice degrees. Social Justice doctrine is essentially the pseudo intellectual delegitimization of American society, along with the push for it to change along neo-Marxist lines. It is the culmination of the subversion of our institutions of higher learning, to turn generations of Americans against their own country, and to have them act politically towards its downfall. This subversion effort has been quickly metastasizing to lower forms of education, where the Left are indoctrinating increasingly lower aged children, to hate their own country, and to act politically against it.


I believe state and federal governments, should instruct colleges and lower schools, that only courses that are not associated with political activism, will be considered eligible to receive government assistance, directly or through students (e.g. Pell grants). Also, only pro-American liberal arts courses will be supported by government funds. In the case of high schools and below, any changes to the curricula will have go through a highly publicized review process, and the changes will be able to be vetoed by parents.

Push for universal school choice, to improve education and student achievement, as well as to avoid the political influence by teachers unions and other activist groups.


While the demoralization of our education system may be the most obvious act of subversion by the Left, the most significant blows the Left have done to undermine America from within, have been the rulings they managed to elicit by the Supreme Court - disallowing prayer in public schools, and also secularizing government and American society at large. (Note: much of the secularizing of American society, has been done through the Left’s monopolization of American culture). As stated by Yuri in his second video above, once a nation loses its religion, it disintegrates. It is crucial that America restores its observation of the Christian religion, and of its Judeo-Christian values, to ensure its continued lofty existence. The current secularization of government and society must be reversed, and the flawed interpretation of the separation of Church and State by the Supreme Court, should be remedied.


Reversing the secularization of government and society can be done via the passage of freedom of speech laws and regulations, as well as political views anti-discrimination laws and regulations. It is also crucial that antitrust laws and regulations are passed at the state and federal levels, that ban political collusion. The subversion effects of the Left are highly effective because they are well coordinated and act together. Outlawing political collusion would force the elements to act in isolation, vastly dissipating their effects, and hence their level of threat to the United States.


The most blatantly subverted institution by the Left, is the mainstream media (MSM). MSM is also the Left’s most deadly weapon of psychological warfare, that is pointed against the American people, to not only influence their decisions, but to control them primarily through fear. (MSM is also highly dynamic and fast acting.) MSM project narratives into the population, which are forms of misinformation that elicit a strong emotional reaction (usually fear). When people are emotional, they become easily susceptible to suggestion. That is why since the 2016 elections, every MSM campaign has been lead by a strong element of fear.

The bogus Russia collusion investigations, pushed the notion that President Trump was a Russian agent. MSM coverage of school shootings, promote tragedies that happened to kids, and the idea that if guns are not restricted in society through legislation, America’s children will remain exposed to such threats. The MSM coverage of the impeachment hearings, were centered around the notion that President Trump acted in a way that made him a threat to national security, and that he must be impeached and removed from office.

Things took a much darker turn, when MSM was instrumental in creating a pervasive atmosphere of fear over the COVID-19 virus: a virus less deadly than the flu, to the vast majority of Americans. MSM, in conjunction with America’s medical bureaucracy, created an atmosphere that induced many governors throughout the country, to shut down their states. In the case of many Democrat governors, the atmosphere created by MSM and medical bureaucrats, provided cover for them to shut down their own economies, and plunge much of their population into poverty and government dependency. (The above is consistent with the crisis phase of the Soviet subversion process.)


The most potent solution to the threat of a subverted MSM, is to outlaw political collusion among media outlets. This means that a media outlet should not be allowed to release stories or work products in coordination with more than say, three other media outlets or (non-media) organizations, that don’t belong to its network. Also, after a media network reaches a certain size, it should be prohibited from acquiring or merging with other media outlets or networks. Also, no organization should be allowed to invest in and influence more than three media outlets or networks.

The Left now controls all but one major media outlet (Fox News), along with hundreds of smaller outlets, which they use to target the American population with their narratives. The tight coordination with which the Left controls its hundreds of media outlets, results in them becoming a highly potent weapon of psychological warfare. This must be stopped, by passing laws and regulations which outlaw political collusion, which would make media outlets far more independent and concerned about the issues facing Americans, rather than pushing a grand political agenda.


The Left have managed to subvert American culture, through active discrimination against those who don’t hold their political views. Conservatives have either concealed their true political persuasion, or have been shut out of Hollywood and much of the entertainment industry, as a result of the subversion efforts of the Left. The Left now produce evermore anti-Christian, and pro-satanic entertainment – the latter seen in shows and movies which glorify witchcraft, and supernatural evil of all sorts. Much of the music and music videos produced by the largest entertainment industries promote occult imagery, nihilism, self-destructive and unnatural behaviors, the separation of the opposite sexes, and the avoidance of the formation of traditional relationships - including families. Big entertainment tries to cast good as evil, and evil as good, and often blurs the line between the two.


Freedom of speech laws and regulations, and political views anti-discrimination laws and regulations, should be passed to counter the subversion of our culture, so that conservatives and others can provide competing content that edifies society – rather than society being only exposed to content meant to seduce it to its destruction.

Law and Order

The Left have placed judges on the bench in courts throughout the country, to render judgments on cases consistent with their agenda. Liberal judges tend to engage in judicial activism, whereas conservative judges tend to engage in judicial restraint. Judicial activism allows the Left to interpret laws virtually anyway they like, advancing policies that are in contravention of the U.S. constitution, and against the will of the people. Judicial activism is an invaluable subversion tool of the Left, which incrementally takes away Americans’ freedoms, and rearchitects the U.S. justice system in favor of things that are harmful to society. For example, I believe the Supreme Court cases that lead to disallowing prayer in schools, along with other restrictions to religion in the public square, were based on a judicial activist ruling. Also, many environmental restrictions have been affirmed by the courts through judicial activism.

The attempted coup initiated by the Obama administration against President Trump and his close associates, which was carried out in earnest by top agents at the FBI, and top attorneys at the DOJ, along with key actors at the CIA, and other intelligence agencies (often referred to as the deep state) is another example of the subversion of the Law and order of our society by the Left.

Bail reform laws; “Defund the Police” movements; releasing thousands of criminals from jail, under the pretext of protecting them from COVID-19 (when the vulnerable among the population could simply be quarantined), are other examples of the ways the Left are subverting our justice system.


I’m not a lawyer, but I do believe if it is possible, judicial activism should be made illegal. I believe also that the DOJ should use the above activities, as justification to investigate left-wing organizations and politicians, to see if (confirm in my opinion that) they are guilty of treason, sedition, subversion, and other crimes, and prosecute them accordingly.

To be continued

I will conclude this topic, in a subsequent blog post.