Is Mainstream Media now an instrument of psychological mass destruction?

Before the 2016 elections, Mainstream Media was biased against Republicans, but there was a semblance of decency and fairness. During the 2016 elections, Mainstream Media made the switch to being all out on Hillary Clinton’s side. Since the 2016 elections, Mainstream Media became full fledged propaganda outlets for the Left, and relentlessly reported negatively about President Trump, and also invented complete fabrications about him. The devolution of Mainstream Media has taken it to a new low, where it has now become a major psychological weapon against the American public, doing significant material harm to it.

Patmore Douglas 5/31/2020 4:25:00 PM

Who are the most visible recurring actors in the hysterical episodes that have besieged America since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States? The Mainstream Media (MSM). The Mainstream Media whipped up the public into a frenzy over the Left’s charge that President Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 elections. Recently declassified documents, show this was a complete hoax. Everyone on the Left in the know, was aware that it was a complete fabrication. Given that these people leaked information to MSM like a sieve, it is a virtual certainty that MSM was in on the hoax, and provided a sophisticated and relentless psychological onslaught against the public, concerning this matter. So during all the investigations into President Trump, MSM engaged in a highly coordinated, effort, to get as many people to believe the slanderous narratives by the Left about President Trump, which were echoed by prominent Democrats in the House and Senate, Hollywood actors and movies, universities, many high school teachers, left-wing blogs, as well as activists on social media, in corporations, and in many other places.

During the impeachment hearings and the Senate trial, MSM similarly engaged in a highly coordinated, sophisticated, and relentless effort, to get as many people as possible, to believe the slanderous narratives by the Left about President Trump. MSM did this in tandem with other prominent actors on the Left.

All of the above, resulted in increased anxiety among the US population, particularly among MSM’s direct audiences, many of whom developed what many call, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

As bad as the propaganda services were that MSM provided, MSM upped its game during the COVID-19 pandemic, and launched an absolutely bold, and vicious psychological warfare operation against the American public. I believe by working in conjunction with Dr. Fauci, along with other medical deep state operatives in the federal government (including in the CDC), MSM created an atmosphere that induced many governors to shut down their states. MSM also provided cover for Blue state governors to implement draconian lockdown orders, placing ordinary Americans effectively under house arrest, while suspending their constitutional rights - all over a greatly overblown fear, about a flu-like virus (COVID-19), that is less deadly than the flu, for people under 75. Rather than MSM identifying key information in the public interest that would have averted the decisions by governors to shut down their states, MSM amplified misleading information, that lead to lockdowns, which tanked our economy, and lead to tens of millions becoming unemployed. MSM then sought to scare people away from taking the promising therapeutic, hydroxychloroquine. MSM also scared a lot of people away from wanting to go outside and return to work, to salvage their livelihoods and our economy. MSM persuaded Americans at all levels, to take the worst path possible to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a near catastrophic outcome for Americans’ personal well-being, as well as the economy. If President Trump had not allowed each governor to chart his own course with minimal interference from the federal government, Americans would not have been able to see that by simply protecting the vulnerable (as was done in Red [Republican] states like Florida), the American economy could be reopened, and things would be fine.

Now America is at the George Floyd incident, where a black man (George Floyd) was seen on video, being abused by a white police officer (Derek Chauvin), who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck, for a prolonged period. Even though it was determined that George Floyd did not die of asphyxiation as originally believed, Americans were still incensed by Chauvin’s behavior. MSM unearthed this story, and propagated it throughout the US, as it does similar stories during election season. MSM stoked racial division and animosity in its coverage, along with outrage, fear, and hysteria – things they have been doing non-stop since the start of the Trump administration. Did MSM have to propagate the highly toxic and divisive George Floyd story? Absolutely not! They could have propagated this story of white cops abusing and killing a white man instead. However, since many alternate stories wouldn’t advance their objective, MSM went with the George Floyd story instead.

So, just what was the objective of MSM concerning the George Floyd incident? This can be seen in the events unfolding in cities around us. MSM chose and initiated this racial event. As of now, MSM continue to propagate highly toxic racial narratives (completely unsupported by statistics) that blacks and minorities are oppressed and hunted down in America. MSM is doing this in part to scare blacks and minorities into voting for Democrats, who they portray as their savior. (MSM is doing this even though it is a fact that virtually all the oppressing of blacks and minorities throughout American history, were done by Democrats.)

Besides the above, MSM have upped their game from previous years, to launch and provide cover, for a highly coordinated series of catastrophic riot events, that spawn from planned protests. These riot events are executed in highly efficient manners, and with a high level of consistency – indicating that they were planned out and were not random. MSM now maintain their racial hysteria, scaring the public (virtually non-stop), while suggesting that the rioters are justified in their actions. Democrat politicians pretend that they are stupid and feckless, as they allow the rioters to burn their cities, to achieve the Left’s overall political ends. Virtually all senior Democrat politicians say nothing, because they know what is going on. (Note: the Left show from past events, that they engage in very high degrees of coordination or collusion with one another [e.g. during the investigation of General Flynn].)

MSM, and the Left’s operations surrounding the death of George Floyd, and the COVID-19 pandemic, reveal how MSM have become a devastating tool of psychological warfare the Left/globalists have aimed against the American public. I believe MSM and the Left should be investigated over these events, and at the very least, they should be broken up, by outlawing political collusion throughout the US. Virtually every power in the US is subject to checks and balances except the media. Is anyone surprised that MSM have grown in power, to become a highly corrupt, deadly instrument, now being wielded against the American public?