The craftiness of the Left

The Left are about letting people wallow in their deficiencies, rather than having them try to rise above them, and improve their lives. Whether it be LGBT issues, drug addiction, homelessness, etc., the Left pretend what they do is compassionate, as they bring a kind of relief to people’s lives, when they advise them not to struggle against the challenges with which they are faced. But that is like telling someone in water, not to struggle to stay above the surface; or someone who eats indiscriminately and does not exercise, not to care about his health; or someone who takes drugs, not to be mindful of the mid to long term effects of engaging in the practice. The Left intentionally hide the end results from people, and lead them to their downfall. Like their father the devil, the Left seduce people with short term pleasures, in order to ensnare them in vices, that undercut or destroy their lives.

The Left point to the short term pleasures their counsel provides, as evidence of their 'compassion'. The Left also point to the short term hardships the counsel of the Right provides, as ‘evidence’ of the Right’s ‘callousness’ and ‘indifference’. It is incumbent on the Right, to make the case to society, about what is right and wrong, and to warn everyone, about the tricks the Left employ, to lead people astray.

Patmore Douglas 6/1/2021 7:31:00 PM