Globalists, “We must reward bad behavior, in order to get good behavior.”

Does anyone still believe in the nonsense argument, "If we shower communist China with economic opportunity, it will embrace western democratic values!" That is like saying, "If we enrich organized crime, and give it every opportunity to grow, organized crime will become an upstanding, moral enterprise!”

China of course, never embraced western democracy. Instead, what has happened, is what you would have expected would happen: the morally depraved communist China, has been greatly empowered, and like a criminal enterprise, is trying to control everything, and export its screwed up (authoritarian) principles, everywhere.

With every trade we make with China, we build it up, and give it the capability to overpower us, and rule us, along with the rest of the world. It is a suicide plan, hatched by treasonous, globalists decades ago, who sought to collapse America from within and without, so that they could form their world government.

The only way to stop China, is to move as quickly as possible, to cut off all trade and associations with it, and to push the entire world to do the same. This will stagnate its economy, which would probably lead to an economic collapse. We will have to deal with the traitorous globalists as well. For the most part, we will have to ban political collusion, to prevent them from coming together.

Patmore Douglas 6/1/2021 11:22:00 AM