The Left’s two part formula for American demoralization

I agree with Thomas Sowell’s assessment of the Left. Some people think that Democrats control blacks and other groups, largely through government dependency. Actually the Democrats demoralize and control blacks and native Americans in particular, as well as other parts of American society, through both government dependency, and by collapsing morals in our society.

A virtuous man will not become lazy and useless when given handouts. A virtuous man will take his free gifts from the government, and invest them in things that produce a return. The virtuous man’s free gifts will inspire industriousness, not laziness.

The above is why we see the Left through the institutions they control (Education, Entertainment, etc.), driving the morality of American society, into the ground. That is why for example we see the Left hold up criminals as heroes, and licentiousness as freedom. To guard against the collapse of the America by the Left, it is not enough to counter the Left’s effort to expand government dependency: we must also foil their attempt, to collapse our society’s morals.

Patmore Douglas 5/18/2021 1:53:00 PM