Some of the main differences between the Right and the Left

In my opinion, the main difference between the Right and the Left, is that the Right recognize natural law, and the importance of the adherence to natural law, for things to go well. We are actually no different from scientists or engineers - our sphere of concentration is just human behavior, politics, and (believe it or not) the liberal arts. Just as engineers recognize the importance of innovating consistent with natural physical laws (so that for example, planes don’t fall out of the sky), conservatives believe in the importance of running society, consistent with natural law – as it governs human behavior – so that things don’t fall apart, as we are now seeing in Blue states. The Left on the other hand believe they can do just about anything. They show no belief in natural law (including truth and reality), and recklessly plunge society in all manner of directions, and leave chaos and suffering in their wake. The Right also believe the individual comes first, and the Left believe the collective comes first – hence, the Left do not really believe in individual rights.

Patmore Douglas 2/14/2022 11:59:00 PM