The Left short circuiting American democracy

The way you know what the Left are up to, is by reading their overall behavior (major actions). You can’t tell what the Left are up to, by stitching together an overall picture of what they said. The Left are liars; therefore the latter technique will not work on them. The former technique however, works on everyone. (By their fruits will you know them - Matthew 7:15-20.)

It is not that the Left do not believe in law and order (they are after all very pro-China, and other left-wing police states). The Left are simply trying to destabilize their cities, to give themselves emergency powers, and establish authoritarian rule over their districts. Stated another way: the Left are trying to short-circuit American democracy, and establish authoritarian rule – similar to what they are doing with the COVID pandemic.

Patmore Douglas 1/8/2022 5:11:00 PM