A vaccine mandate is no little thing

Some people say that private businesses should be able to mandate anything they want. Should they be able to tell you to take a vile of poison to keep working? Should they be able to tell you to take an experimental vaccine, shrouded in the highest levels of vaccine injuries and deaths, of any vaccine, in U.S. history? This is not about a business having the right to tell you to wear a uniform to work. This is about the ‘right’ of a business to require you to reveal private medical information, and to order you to take one of the most dangerous vaccines ever made. Also, you are required to do the above, even as a collusion of some of the largest, most powerful corporations in the world, and our corrupt federal health bureaucracy, is working hard to cover up the record numbers of injuries and deaths, caused by the vaccines.

Updated: November 14, 2021

Patmore Douglas 10/12/2021 12:07:00 PM