What we need are conservative lobbying groups

I believe the Republican party can’t be trusted. I believe conservatives should pursue our objectives, by using any number of conservative / libertarian groups. I believe we should engage with the Republican party when it is in our interest. I however don’t think conservatives should rely on the Republican party on a host of issues, because on these issues, they are effectively an extension of the elites’ ‘Uniparty’.

Conservatives are in dire need of lobbying groups in Washington DC, and all over the country. I believe there is a great need for conservatives to form lobbying groups over social issues, like the celebration of traditional marriage, and time tested Christian principles. There should be lobbying groups over school choice. There should be lobbying groups over political collusion and antitrust issues, as well as how our government treats multinationals – which I believe should be treated as a class of foreign entities. There should be America first lobbying groups, pushing for the interests of local American businesses, and so forth. Washington DC is awash with foreign/multinational dollars and lobbying, and this needs to be rectified as soon as possible, to help save our country.

Patmore Douglas 10/6/2021 4:20:00 PM