What is the largest, most organized set of child abusers? America's woke teachers

I don't know why American society puts up with what the Left are doing. We know that it is the sickest individuals who exploit and abuse children. Now we have the Left trying to make a psychological disease (gender dysphoria) popular through school indoctrination and cultural pressure. And they are pushing for the genital mutilation of children, transforming them into unnatural creatures. And if that is not enough, the Left are trying to foster enmity and resentment among America's children, using Critical Race Theory. The Left are also teaching children, sexual perversions. Again, if a single individual did all that to a child, we would be outraged, and try to file criminal charges against him. But no single individual is doing it, rather it is our nation’s teachers – and they are doing it a planned, highly coordinated way.

Patmore Douglas 8/26/2021 7:21:00 AM