Conservatives and other Americans need to be careful about their judgments about the Left when it comes to law and order. The Left aren’t (that) stupid. They want law and order to collapse. That is why they are attacking the police, and implementing catch and release bail reform. The Left want their districts to descend into chaos. That is why they are releasing prisoners onto the streets. The Left are galvanizing an army of criminals, that are effectively unconstrained, to destabilize society, which gives them an excuse to take over their districts, using the military, or some sort of federal police force. The Left are trying to create a pretext to exert authoritarian control over America. This is classic Soviet style subversion, where a society is destabilized until it reaches the point of a crisis, then the instigators take control, through a process called normalization.

A crucial problem with Democrat districts, is that their election systems are almost certainly being subverted by election fraud. This explains why Soros backed prosecutors, who consistently push catch and release bail reform, keep winning elections - even when the public do not want them. Election fraud is a fail-safe, that ensures that despite what the public wants, the Left’s plans go through. Citizens in swing or Democrat districts, should not trust another election, until they have reformed the election process, and saturated the process with observers, and a means to stop the processing of votes, until matters can be adjudicated in real time. Each candidate should have the ability to immediately halt the processing of votes in an election, upon verbal request, and there should be cameras everywhere ballots are handled. Finally, each ballot should contain detailed information about the voter in encrypted form, and it should be marked with a unique identifier, at every stage of its handling. The above would allow each ballot to be able to be completely tracked, and be fully auditable - while preserving the privacy of the voter.

We are living in extremely dangerous times. Democrats really do want to take over our country by any means necessary. We need to err on the side of caution. Disregard those in the Republican party who dismiss the need for election reform. I do believe Democrats create one party districts and states, in large part due to election fraud. Verify this by pushing mightily for election integrity, and see how elections in Democrat districts unfold. Also, be on the lookout for schemes by the Left, to subvert all efforts at election reform.

Patmore Douglas 6/22/2021 4:03:00 AM

Lauren Chen gives a great example (David French) of conservatives who undermine the Republican party from within, and make it ineffective in combatting the Left.

It is one thing to ensure that everyone has freedom of speech. It is another thing to prioritize the advancement of conservative ideals, over destructive left-wing ideals. Conservatives should be actively working to deny tax payer funds, be used for the advancement of highly destructive left-wing politics, such as Critical Race Theory. If the Left want to teach CRT, let them do it on their own dime. We should also be making similar demands in colleges: the source of wokeness which has metastasized and infected all of our society.

From a long time ago, states and the federal government, should have only given money to colleges, on the condition that they stick to academics, and not get into political activism. Even when we can all see Marxism, which originated and grew out of the colleges on tax payer dime, threatening our Republic, states are still using tax payer money to fund it. This is so exasperating! Conservatives need to shake off the influence of the likes of David French, and put our own interests, and the interests of our nation, first.

Patmore Douglas 6/20/2021 1:48:00 PM

So why are Democrats still pushing “Defund the police” efforts, as well as catch and release bail reform efforts? Why are Democrats releasing prisoners from jail, trying to close down jails, etc.? These are all elements of their Marxist revolution plans, unfolding before us, that they are using to take over America. All of the above destabilize society, which their Marxist theory says, makes society ripe to be taken over by them. Coupled with the Left’s January 6 insurrection narrative, it appears as if the Left will be trying to make the case, that Trump supporters and other political opponents, are somehow responsible for the crime surge and other societal instabilities seen around us, and they have no choice but clamp down on society, using onerous restrictions - including marshal law. The Left appear as if they plan to outright lie about the cause of the instabilities seen around us - which they caused, not Trump supporters.

The above is not everything. Critical Race Theory is supposed to cause deep societal divisions, and have everyone at each other’s throats. Feminism is supposed to drive men and women further and further apart, making individuals in society more isolated. LGBTQ matters are supposed to distract us from healthy relationships, let us slide into complete moral degradation, as well as obliterate the family.

All in all, the Left are attacking American society covertly from every angle, hoping to collapse it into a cauldron of chaos, paving the way for the Democrats to swoon in and take control of it through authoritarian means.

So what can be done about the Left’s plans? At the state level, outlaw political collusion, or the formation of political cartels, among private and/or public organizations. Open up corporations and other organizations to massive lawsuits, when they act politically. Etc..

Patmore Douglas 6/18/2021 5:22:00 PM

America is a land for the people, and by the people - which is to say, it is for the masses. Once business, or technology, or whatever undercuts that, something (usually government) needs to step in to correct things. Antitrust law was developed, to protect ordinary Americans from economically powerful and abusive companies. As a result, companies denying home ownership to ordinary Americans, does seem appropriate to be addressed by antitrust law. In fact, this matter appears to be one of the foulest abuses of consumers by corporations, in the history of antitrust law.

States should require when a home is put up for sale, the price must be market compatible or lower, and only individuals should be allowed to make offers and purchase the home. Only when no individuals can be found to purchase the home, should it be allowed to be sold to a company.

A number of corporations are currently at war with ordinary citizens in western countries. They are trying to reorder society by making themselves much richer, and ordinary Americans much poorer. This appears to be one of their strategies.

Patmore Douglas 6/15/2021 1:11:00 AM

Biden, "Yes folks. The greatest threat to America is climate change!”

Constituent, “Climate is the average weather at a location. Hasn’t the average weather at virtually all locations changed over time? For example, haven’t there been multiple ice ages over the course of the history of the earth? Haven’t there also been corresponding warming periods over the course of the history of the earth? What is your basis for thinking that the current warming period is not due to the usual natural processes that have changed the average temperature of the earth since its birth?

Now, even if you can point to research that underscores your claims of man made climate change, doesn’t the fact that your past predictions of calamities (almost all of which did not come true) show that your research is actually incapable of predicting changes in climate? Now if you do not possess a provable means of predicting changes in climate, why should we believe your current claims about impending catastrophic changes in climate? Further, why is the only solution to climate change, the implementation of your socialist agenda? Doesn’t that seem a little too opportunistic?

President Biden, you have lied about just about everything so far. I find your claim about climate change being an existential threat to America, to be absurd on its face, and a total lie when the matter is examined closely.”

Patmore Douglas 6/10/2021 9:41:00 AM

Net-zero is a scam to get human civilization off fossil fuels (the foundation of the industrial revolution) which allowed the world's population to rapidly expand. The depopulation sociopaths running the scam, aren't looking for a real replacement for fossil fuels. Otherwise they would have jumped on nuclear energy a long time ago. Instead, these head cases are looking to collapse the world economy, that comes from rejecting fossil fuels. They are hoping that this will lead to a mass extinction event. If the world economy collapses, it will necessarily wipe out huge swaths of the world population – which is highly dependent on cheap, abundant energy sources. Yes, the globalist elites are that crazy.

Patmore Douglas 6/6/2021 1:22:00 PM

If people want to reform mainstream media (MSM), they should do so through antitrust law. MSM is corrupt, because of massive levels of collusion among media outlets, as well as a host of organizations, attempting to advance a political agenda, most Americans do not like. Ban political collusion among private and public organizations. (Exemptions could be made for special classes of organizations, which would be required to provide transparency to the public [upon request], and whose activities would be limited.) In particular, ensure that the antitrust rule, is highly applicable to media outlets. MSM has been coopted to advance a political agenda, as both a propaganda tool, and psychological warfare weapon, which induces behavior in the population, that is significantly counterproductive to the population.

Patmore Douglas 6/3/2021 10:54:00 AM

The Left are about letting people wallow in their deficiencies, rather than having them try to rise above them, and improve their lives. Whether it be LGBT issues, drug addiction, homelessness, etc., the Left pretend what they do is compassionate, as they bring a kind of relief to people’s lives, when they advise them not to struggle against the challenges with which they are faced. But that is like telling someone in water, not to struggle to stay above the surface; or someone who eats indiscriminately and does not exercise, not to care about his health; or someone who takes drugs, not to be mindful of the mid to long term effects of engaging in the practice. The Left intentionally hide the end results from people, and lead them to their downfall. Like their father the devil, the Left seduce people with short term pleasures, in order to ensnare them in vices, that undercut or destroy their lives.

The Left point to the short term pleasures their counsel provides, as evidence of their 'compassion'. The Left also point to the short term hardships the counsel of the Right provides, as ‘evidence’ of the Right’s ‘callousness’ and ‘indifference’. It is incumbent on the Right, to make the case to society, about what is right and wrong, and to warn everyone, about the tricks the Left employ, to lead people astray.

Patmore Douglas 6/1/2021 7:31:00 PM

Does anyone still believe in the nonsense argument, "If we shower communist China with economic opportunity, it will embrace western democratic values!" That is like saying, "If we enrich organized crime, and give it every opportunity to grow, organized crime will become an upstanding, moral enterprise!”

China of course, never embraced western democracy. Instead, what has happened, is what you would have expected would happen: the morally depraved communist China, has been greatly empowered, and like a criminal enterprise, is trying to control everything, and export its screwed up (authoritarian) principles, everywhere.

With every trade we make with China, we build it up, and give it the capability to overpower us, and rule us, along with the rest of the world. It is a suicide plan, hatched by treasonous, globalists decades ago, who sought to collapse America from within and without, so that they could form their world government.

The only way to stop China, is to move as quickly as possible, to cut off all trade and associations with it, and to push the entire world to do the same. This will stagnate its economy, which would probably lead to an economic collapse. We will have to deal with the traitorous globalists as well. For the most part, we will have to ban political collusion, to prevent them from coming together.

Patmore Douglas 6/1/2021 11:22:00 AM

The COVID-19 tyranny by the Left, is achieved by conflating the effects the disease has on the vulnerable population (the elderly and those with certain underlying health conditions) with the effects the disease has on the other demographics, that make up the population. If a policy regarding the management of COVID-19 does not consider the demographic it is being applied, the policy is likely political, and has little to do with what is in the best interest of the public. The same is true with regards to the requirement by some universities, that students must be vaccinated in order to return to school.

Patmore Douglas 5/29/2021 5:42:00 AM